Sunday, April 30, 2017

NaPoWriMo Day 24 thru 30

Day 24

They said he was ferocious,
with big sharp claws,
and gnarly teeth.
He took out two
of my men
before he latched
onto my throat.
We should've known
better than to mess
with that rabbit.
Run away, run away.

Day 25

runs quickly
inside the house
trying to escape him,
but he catches her, again.

Day 26

We thought we had it
all right, but
when they found
what we left behind,
they wondered how.
How could we have been
so primitive?

Day 27

It tasted like chalk.
Dry, unappealing, and bland.
I thought it was candy.
It turned my whole mouth blue.
My mom called the doctor,
he said I would be alright.
I can still taste its bitterness.
I never should have stuck that
blue PAAS Easter Egg tablet
in my mouth, but I was only five.

Day 28

I wait,
not knowing our fate.
I suppose I could ask,
but am I up to the task?
Maybe one day I'll look back,
and we'll both have a good laugh.
I guess we'll have to wait and see,
what is in store for you and me.

Day 29

flowers, blue, scent, walk, path, bloom, glisten, sun shine

As I walk through
the gardens,
her flowers all in bloom,
I think about the path I've taken,
the one that has lead me to you.
I smell the scent of the tulips,
I hear the soft words you share.
I watch quietly as the sun shine
glistens upon your hair.

Day 30

Again and again,
we gather for the holidays.
Sometimes in December,
when we take our annual
shopping trip, but sometimes
not until May, when everything
else has finally washed away.


  1. Love these little snippets...

    1. Thanks, Marian. Hope all is well.

    2. Have you written any more words recently ...
      have you got a blog??

    3. Hi Marian,
      How is your writing going? I've written some, but haven't made any posts lately. I will mostly likely make my next posts for NaPoWriMo, this year. Hope all is well.

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