Thursday, February 28, 2013


What are you passionate about?  We all have something.  What is it for you?  Work, a relationship, a hobby?  One of my passions is writing.  It is something I have been doing since I was about 13, almost 30 years now.  Probably the only other thing I have done in my life for so long was playing soccer, I stopped playing a few years ago, but I played from the time I was 11 until I was 39.
I loved the competition, the comradery, the excitement of the game.  Every time I  played I gave 100%, some days even more.  I remember the time I broke my leg.  We were playing one of our last games of the regular season, we had already won enough games to make it into the playoffs, so the game that day really didn't mean much.
There was a loose ball on my end of the field, I played defense, right fullback.  I was going after the ball, as well as the forward on the other team.  We were both running full steam at it.  I got there first and I had kicked the ball up the wing.  The other player got there about a second after I did, and instead of hitting the ball he hit my leg, he kicked right through it.
As I played the ball his kick missed the ball and went right into my right shin.  It all happened so suddenly, and there was nothing unusual about the play, it was something you would typically see during a soccer game, maybe a hundred times a game.  Two players going for the ball, one gets it.  A lot of times playing soccer you kick someone else or they kick you, not a big deal, it's part of the game, and most of the time you were not seriously injured.  A lot of times if you got hurt you got right back up and shook it off, we were always taught to do that as younger players.  Unfortunately this was not one of those times.
As the other player hit me I tumbled over his leg and rolled past the sideline and out of bounds.  Later on my teammates would tell me that they could hear the crack when the other player hit my leg all the way across the field.  They knew it was a hard hit.  They knew before I did that something was wrong.  I tried to stand up, I couldn't without causing myself a great deal of pain.  When it happened it didn't really hurt, it happened so quickly that I didn't even feel it, but now when I tried to stand I couldn't.  Putting any kind of weight on it made the pain unbearable.  At first I thought that I just took a hard hit, that I would be alright in a minute.  So I continued to sit on the sidelines.  A couple of my teammates came over from our bench, I hand landed out of bounds on the opposite sideline.  They asked how I felt.  I kept assuring them that I would be alright and I just needed a few minutes.
I had rolled down my sock and loosened my shinguard, it had broken.  Funny thing was that I had that pair of shinguards for about 8 years and had never washed them once.  I would spray them down and clean them, but I had never put them in the washing machine until a few days before this game.  Maybe I shouldn't have done that because now here I was sitting on the sideline with my broken shinguard and my broken leg.
Eventually I had to face the fact that I wasn't going to be able to walk this one off.  Some friends helped me up and gave me a ride to the hospital.  I was only there for a couple hours, just long enough to get some x-rays, a cast, and some pain meds.
A little while later I met my teammates out at the bar, they were happy to see me, I was happy we won the game.
When I started writing this blog today I was going to write about my passion for writing, guess it took a different direction, but that is alright because I got to tell you about another passion of mine and I was still able to indulge in my passion of writing!
I would like this blog to be entertaining for everyone, so please let me know if you have any suggestions, something you might like to see, or something that you might like to contribute.  Since I originally started this blog to help build an audience and promote my book 'Cerridwen Moon' I will continue to mention the book from time to time, but I don't want to mention it so much that it just becomes annoying.  I really would like this blog to be about what you want, so please tell me what that is.
Tell me what you are passionate about, and if you do get a chance please check out my latest passion, my book 'Cerridwen Moon'.
Thanks everyone!  Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow day?

Surprisingly not!  Though it looks like most schools in the area have a delay this morning.  We got about 1 to 2 inches of snow, and as I am typing this a wintry mix continues to fall, sounds more like rain and slush as the cars pass by on the road in front of my house.
I have some fresh ground and brewed coffee which makes me smile, for now anyway, until I have to go outside and shovel.  It could be worse though I could have woken up dead this morning, but at least I wouldn't had to of shoveled snow, but on the other hand I would have been dead, so I guess it is a pretty good morning since I am still here.
I watched Makers: Women Who Make America last night, great documentary on PBS, click on the link and check it out for yourself!
After 'Makers' I watched 'Flight' with Denzel Washington, very good movie, I can see why it was nominated, he did a great job in it.  I would definitely recommend renting it!
Speaking of renting movies, we had a winner of the free dvd rental code for Redbox.  This week's winner is Ethan.  The winners will be chosen at random each week, since Ethan was the only one who entered the contest his odds of winning were very good!
I will be posting more contests and prizes each week so be sure to check back often!
If it is snowing where you live today I hope you are able to shovel out quickly, if it is sunny in your town, enjoy the warmth.  Either way I hope everyone has a great day!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Book/ Movie

Many great books have been translated into film.  One of my favorite books, that was made into a movie, was 'Lord of the Flies', by William Golding.  I read this as a child in school.  After we had finished reading the book, and turned in our book reports, we watched the movie.  Of course it was the 1963 adaptation that we watched since 1990 was still more than 10 years away.
What is one of your favorite books that has been transformed into a movie?
Leave a comment here and have a chance to win a free movie rental tonight from redbox.
I have purchased some codes from redbox and I would like to give them away as prizes to the people that are taking the time to check out my blog.
I will have new contests each week, so be sure to check back often.
The winner will be chosen at random and posted at 6 pm.
All you have to do to be entered to win is leave a comment.
Good luck and thanks for stopping by!
PS. I wonder when my book, 'Cerridwen Moon', will be turned into a movie?

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Oscars

I had a speech prepared, but I think I will just speak straight from the heart.  What a difficult moment it must be to accept an award.  It seemed to be a lot less emotional and nerve racking to have performed than it was to have won.  Of course I am speaking about #oscars.  I enjoyed the show, the actors and actresses all looked great.  My favorite part of the show was the number performed by some of the biggest stars in the business from the film Les Miserables.
My goals this week are to get 100 page views of this blog, to have at least one new follower on twitter, and to get 1 new supporter on Pubslush.
You can find me on twitter @WayneLMurphy
You can find my book here, 'Cerridwen Moon'.
Thanks everyone, have a great Monday!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day two

Day two - Welcome to my nightmare, or dream, depending on your point of view.
Lately the last few movies I had rented all had a literary theme, coincidence? That is not important, what is important is the movie I watched last night, 'Ruby Sparks'. It involved a writer who's writing came to life, in this case in the form of a woman named Ruby. I thought the movie was well written and the actors/ actresses did a great job, I really enjoyed it, an 8 out of 10! So, if you are looking for something I would definitely recommend that one.
So, what to do now that football is over? Maybe you could read a book. Here is a link to my book,
'Cerridwen Moon'.
Enjoy your Sunday.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

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1st post

Hello everyone, this is the first post of my new blog.  I am using this site to help promote my new book 'Cerridwen Moon' which can be found on Pubslush.  If you would like to check out an excerpt from the book, just follow this link... Cerridwen Moon.
I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.  Check back often for updates!