Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How many of these things do you remember from the past?

Did you grow up in the 70's & 80's? Do you remember the toys you used to play with? The TV shows that you used to watch? How about the things you used to eat? Get a pen a paper, and keep a list. See if you can identify all the items that are referenced, there are 19 of them.  
I am about to embark on a great journey, but before I do, I would like to take a quick stroll down memory lane. If you are not too busy, why not join me? If you grew up in the 70's & 80's, you may share some of the same memories.
My stroll begins in a small town, a long time ago, where the beautiful people all look like pigs, except for the one ugly woman in town.
The colors of the rainbow were all captured on a stick of gum. At one time, this was all we had, even prior to the time when we all desired having pictures accompany our music.
Our rockets were frozen. Red, white, and blue on a stick. And we had little balls of goo that we'd press against the Sunday comics to make a copy. We had no cell phones, or computers, and I could eat all the gluten I wanted.
When I ripped my friend's arm out of its socket, a jelly like substance oozed from the tear. All it took to repair him was a small, sticky piece of material, that was usually stuck on me. After that, I would place my friend in the freezer, which was maintained by an old guy with a blue jumpsuit and a can-do attitude.
My bologna had a first name, and a last name, and I loved to eat it every day. I was a member of a club that was run by a mouse. We would meet every day, after school. Some years later, an author would mention this club in one of his stories, that was later turned into a movie. I can still remember the looks on their faces when they found that dead body.
We didn't have DVRs, On-demand TV, or shows on the internet. Didn't I already mention we didn't have computers? If I missed my favorite Halloween or Christmas shows, a certain reindeer's nose would go out and I'd have to wait until next year to see it light up again.
The phones we would use had a big round dial, and they would sit in one place. There was one man who would change his clothes in a phone booth. I wonder what he would do now? As phone booths, no longer exist, for the most part.
It was a simpler time. No video games, no new math, and the clown's food was salty, greasy, and fast. Just the way I like it.
Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Will we be flying around in cars like a certain cartoon family? Or maybe our phones will resemble a secret agent's phone, and be contained in our shoe.

There are 19 memories to uncover, how many did you get?
(Read further to find the answers, and see how good your memory is.)