Sunday, April 16, 2017

NaPoWriMo Day 11 - 13

Bop (Day 11)

So colorful,
the eggs lie
on the ground.
But how do
we get them all?
So many to be found.

Hippity-hop, bippity-bop.

Maybe if we
had a basket.
Yes, that's what
we could use.
Our problems
would be solved,
not one egg
would we lose.

Hippity-hop, bippity-bop.

We collect
all the eggs,
quickly, one by one.
They are filled
with candy,
this is so much fun.

Hippity-hop, bippity-bop.

A&V (Day 12)

An ode to spring,
now that it has sprung.
The speckled green leaves,
looked splendid on the trees.

The morning air
really spruces my day,
exploring the forest
on this fine spring day.

The birds chirping,
singing a special song,
specifically for me,
nothing could go wrong.

Scooter (Day 13)

She'll go running to hide
anytime she sees you, that cat

She'll come in to eat,
but then right back outside, that cat

She'll let you pet her head,
but scratch if you touch her belly, that cat

She can be playful sometimes,
but often times still shy and timid, that cat

She's good company, a warm
soft friend. Her name is Scooter, that sweet cat.

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