Sunday, April 23, 2017

Day 17 - 22

Day 17

Step lightly, young deer
through the dark
a branch breaks,
you see me.
Were it light, you'd stay,
but I cannot see you,
quickly you jump,
leaping away,
leaping away.
Last spring,
were the fawn,
playful, dancing,
so close, I
could almost touch them,
but you,
keeping a close eye,
and I understand.
Teaching them
to be cautious,
to listen, to see,
to leap away.
Leap away.

Portmanteaus (Day 18)

Have you seen them?
I've'nt, have you?
I have not seen them either,
what will we do?

We could start by looking
where we saw them last,
but it will be a long journey,
they came from the past.

So why come now?
What did they say?
I've'nt a clue, and
now they've gone away.

I.E.E. (Day 19)

I remember the first time Zar found the egg,
I thought he was crazy at first.
I'm not eating that, I thought,
it came out of that chickens butt.
But in the end, he was right,
and it was delicious.

When he met farmer Bacon,
I suppose the whole thing
could be seen as destiny.
Bacon & eggs, what two things
go together more naturally?
Maybe just one, PB&J.

It was a grand time really,
and every Sunday, after church,
they would invite everyone over
to enjoy their incredible combination.
What sweet hell has thou brought upon us?
The villagers would cry out.

They called them witches and warlocks,
for no mere mortal could resist.
It could have gotten ugly, but
after slicing up a few potatoes,
and slicing some bread,
all worries were forgotten.
The villagers ate to their heart's content.

Yes, it was a grand time,
and I suppose, out of Zar's sheer lunacy
came something good.
Still, whatever made him think to eat that round, white object in the first place is beyond me.
One thing I am thankful for is that I was there to witness it first hand.
Oh, that and salt.

77 (Day 20)

The ball would lift,
soaring weightlessly
through the air,
past an attacker
to my teammate's foot.
I defended our net.
The last line
before the keeper.
I did whatever I needed
to keep the enemy away.
A slide tackle, always
aggressive to the ball.
On the other end,
100 yards away,
I watched, as the
soccer ball whipped
into the back of the net.

Day 21

I heard them saying this is the end.
You best pack your bags and get out of here.
But there is nowhere to go.
What will you do?
I don't know,
I suppose the same as everyone else,
just try to survive.
I never thought it would come down to this, but...
What did we ever do to stop it?
To help ourselves and the next generation?
What did we ever do to prevent it and stop them from destroying this planet?

Lily (Day 22)

Don't give it too much water,
but make sure to give it enough.
You can talk to her, if you'd like,
but don't ramble on incessantly.
Watch as her green leaves flourish,
and then as the white flower grows.
Sprouting up from the center,
a long green stem, and a
delicate white cup to hold her head.

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