Sunday, April 9, 2017

NaPoWriMo week 2

Day 8

The train whistle blows,
drowning out,
as down the track it goes.

When it reaches a station,
it signals loud,
the intention to reach its destination.

With passenger or package,
the train clacks along,
clack, clack, clang.

Whether day or night,
you know when its near,
even when out of sight.

Sigh (Day 8)

Oh, this pie is delicious

After such a lovely meal

Ohh, but let's call it a night

I just want to rest, but

Ohhh, you have other plans, right?

Ohhhh, don't start, I have to get up by five

Ohhhhh, you know just how to touch me

You make me feel so alive

Ohhhhhh, no, stop, not tonight

Ohhhhhhh God, okay, okay, alright

Ohhhhhhhh, yes, ohhh, yes, don't stop

Don't stop until I say

Ohhhhhhhh, yes, you know, just that way

Ohhhhhhh, that felt so good,
You know me the best,

Ohhhhhh, I'm so exhausted

And I really need some rest

Ohhhh, the alarm goes off

Ohhh, time to start the day

Ohh, I remember that evening

Nine months ago, today

Oh, what a cute baby she is

I feel blessed in every way.

Day 9

When I think back,
upon when we first met,
it was not unusual.

French class, math,
we were young,
it was ninth grade.

And now, decades later,
we meet again.

I wonder what's in store.

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