Wednesday, April 5, 2017

NaPoWriMo 2017

April is National Poetry Month. I always enjoy taking the time, each day in April, to jot down a few new poems. I will be following the prompts on 
I am a few days behind, but I will catch up. For day 5, here is a poem about nature.

As I round the bend, I know I am almost home.
Soft pines hang along the roadside,
while rock hard mountains reach for the sky.

In the spring they are covered in green,
in the fall they wear a much more vibrant coat,
and of course during winter they shiver in white.

The bridges that stretch out along the Hudson
offer easy passageway to either side.
I've crossed them thousands of times on my journeys.

The smell of the upstate air is a bit sweeter,
not heavy like the city, nor salty like the shore.
It seems to fit in place, a warm compliment.

Whether driving, flying, or arriving by train,
the ground beneath can be giving in some spots,
hard in others, but always solid and welcoming.

The night sky is one of my favorites.
I see Orion's belt, I see my sign; Taurus,
and I imagine the battle to protect the Seven Sisters.

Maybe I don't think about it everyday,
maybe because it is too familiar, but when I stop,
I don't have to think; my senses tell me I'm home.

WLM 4/5/17

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