Sunday, December 8, 2013

Toy Garden Flash Fiction Trilogy

Just released!
Have you been wondering what Margaret and her Toy Garden have been up to?  Now you can find out. Just published on Smashwords, Toy Garden Flash Fiction Trilogy.  There are two new stories, plus new inserts, and excerpts from Margaret's personal diary.  She has even written a Christmas poem, which is included at the end of the book.  What a remarkable little girl.  I can't wait to see what surprises she has in store for the new year.
TGFF Trilogy is on sale right now for only $0.99!  And if that isn't an already great deal, all proceeds from the sale of the book, generated between now and Christmas, will go to charity.
Thanks for stopping by, Margaret really likes it when she has company.
Enjoy your holidays!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Believe in Me

In the late ‘70s/early-‘80s, Kenny Rogers had a major hit with the song “The Gambler”. I remember that song well, even though I was very young when it first came out. The lines to the chorus are running through my head right now as I type this: “You’ve got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away, and know when to run…”
The cover for BELIEVE IN ME was the first one that I ever tried to create for myself. It was good, I thought. Other people said it was nice… But when I compared it to the covers of the bestsellers out there, there was something that was missing. I finally put my finger on what it was – the professional edge.
I’d taken a gamble in developing my own cover, and after a year or so, it became clear that BELIEVE IN ME needed a professional face lift; that is, this became clearer to me once I started working with professional artist Barbara Ivie Green on a cover for another one of my books (my upcoming historical novel, THE FADING SUN).
It was instant, love at first sight. Barbara took my story ideas, and she made my characters come to life right before my eyes. I was amazed and so excited. I couldn’t wait to share this amazing cover with the rest of the world. So, without further ado, here it is.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Book Exhibits, A Potential Source of Sales by A. R. Silverberry

Book fairs are a potentially lucrative source of sales that are neglected by many indie authors. They don’t have to be! If you’ve got a physical book, book exhibits are a huge source of potential book sales. Book exhibits serve libraries and booksellers, and are regional, national, and international. Let’s start with libraries. With over 117,000 public, school, and college libraries in the United States, libraries are estimated to be a five-billion-dollar market. But you can tap the international market, too. You’re probably asking, “How do I do that? I can’t possibly visit all of them.” Right, you can’t. But what you can do is show your books at library shows.

These shows take place at regional, State, and national conventions. The national conventions have huge foot traffic, affording your book visibility. Libraries specializing in a specific niche are likely to send representatives seeking books in that niche, a boon to you if your book fits the bill. The regional and State shows have less attendees, but those who do attend are usually the acquisition librarians, who have the authority to make purchases. Regional and State shows include the California Library Association, Michigan Reading Association, and the Pennsylvania School Library Association, to name a few. National shows are the American Association of School Librarians, the American Library Association, the Public Library Association, and the National Education Association.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Simple Simon

Now available on Smashwords for FREE!  Flash fiction horror, the second in a series.  Look for the trilogy to be released soon.

Haven't read the first story, Toy Garden, yet?  You can find it for FREE also, on Smashwords.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bethlehem's Baby

Do you remember singing Christmas carols as a kid? What about this one: “While shepherds washed their socks by night / And sleet fell on the ground…”? Or “We three kings of Orion Tar / Two in a taxi and one in a car…”?

Then there’s the kid who drew a black blob on top of Joseph’s staff in her crib scene. “What’s the black blob for?” asked the teacher. “It’s a flea ‘cause the angel said to take Mary and Jesus and flea into Egypt.”
You won’t find these stories in the book, Bethlehem’s Baby. There, the shepherds are probably barefoot, and the old man hates loud noises at night, so who knows what he’ll make of a heavenly choir? The kings are wise men from a Babylon university. Their research student studied ancient tomes to work out what the bright star meant, but of course, no-one remembers the wise research student.
In another story, a small boy wonders if God told Zechariah to hush when he lost his voice after meeting with an angel. A child in the Temple wonders why God wants smelly pigeons. And a girl asks, “Are we nearly there yet?” as her parents trek from Jerusalem into Egypt.
With forty bed-time, supper-time, nap-time, five-minute read-aloud stories, for Christmas or any other time, illustrated with forty color pictures in classic style, and finished with meticulous author’s notes, Bethlehem’s Baby invites children and their parents into the real, historical, fascinating world of that first Christmas. No fleas, no socks and no taxis, but Roman soldiers march the streets, distant emperors utter decrees, rebellious citizens seek a leader, and a child is born.

Meet the Emperor Augustus’s advisors, the quiet research student helping wise men study stars, the shepherd whose granddad keeps complaining, an Egyptian fisherboy, a Roman soldier, and more in this set of 40 5-minute read-aloud stories based around the events of the Christ Child’s birth in Bethlehem.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Constantly teased and taunted by the popular girls, Elena Baxter desperately wants to fit in. On her sweet sixteenth, she receives two shocking gifts: telekinesis and the surprising truth about her heritage. With high hopes that things will be different now, Elena returns to school to find that nothing has changed. Only this time her hurt feelings and frustration boil into something even she cannot understand.
When her powers explode, chaos ensues and she learns that her new ability is greater than she ever desired. As she learns to control her powers, Elena discovers there’s so much more to her heritage than she ever imagined.

As Elena bounded back up the stairs, her mom watched, smiling, thinking about the last 16 years, and of all this next one would bring. She knew there would be a lot of changes, more so than Elena could possibly know, and she was looking forward to every one of them. She could hardly wait for Isabel’s arrival the next day so they could finally tell Elena the truth about who she was, and help her to blossom and start to become whom she was meant to be.

Andrea Buginsky is a freelance writer and author. “The Chosen,” a middle-grade fantasy novelette, was her first book, and was followed by “My Open Heart,” an autobiography about growing up with heart disease. “Nature’s Unbalance” is the second story in THE CHOSEN series. Andrea is currently working on another series: a YA fantasy. To learn more about Andrea, visit her on her website.

Please stop by Andi's Realm to enter the Rafflecopter:

Friday, August 30, 2013

Toy Garden

I am pleased to announce the release of my latest work, Toy Garden.  It is a flash fiction horror story.  It is about a little girl, Margaret, who has a garden.  However, her garden doesn't contain the typical vegetation you might see growing elsewhere.  It is available for FREE on Smashwords.  Please take a look, and make sure your adult filter is set to OFF.  You won't want to miss this one, Margaret would be very angry if you did.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Finding My Way Back

This week I am pleased to host author Fran Veal.  Her latest book, Finding My Way Back, has just been released.  I have read it, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an exciting story.
Three weeks ago I walked in while my parents were being murdered.  I escaped, but I need to put my life back together again.  There's just one problem - I don't know where to begin.

My parents weren't who I thought they were.
My best friend isn't who I thought he was.
The killer isn't who I thought he was.
And scariest of all, I'm not who I thought I was.

FINDING MY WAY BACK is a Young Adult tale of adventure, self-discovery and romance, with a twist of the paranormal. It's the sequel to the Kindle bestseller FINDING MY ESCAPE.

Fran Veal fell in love with the book Little Women in the third grade, and that was the spark that ignited her desire to write.  If Jo could write then she felt she could, too.  Her first attempt at writing stories was in the fifth grade when she began writing and drawing a cartoon for her friends.  The drawing, to be honest, was terrible, but the stories must have been pretty decent because a friend recently informed her she'd kept some of them because “she always knew Fran would be a writer someday. Fran graduated to writing romance in ninth grade, which was more interesting and, no, there were no pictures (much to the readers' relief).

It wasn’t until Fran had a teen daughter of her own that she actually began writing again.  Finding My Escape was her debut novel.  The sequel, Finding My Way Back will be released August 23, 2013 with the third and final book in the series coming out in early 2014.  She’s also working on a comedy geared more toward adults, Five Strikes, with fellow writer, Bryden Lloyd. 

Fran currently resides in the beautiful city of Murfreesboro, TN with her husband of twenty-seven years, fifteen year old daughter, and one extremely snarky cat.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Dream Series

I am proud to host author JJ DiBenedetto this week.  He just released his 5th book in the Dream Series, 'Waking Dream'.  Have a look at excerpts from all five books.  Then scroll down to follow the links to get one, or even all five books.

Dream Student
What would you do if you could see other people’s dreams?  If you could watch their hidden fantasies and uncover their deepest, darkest secrets…without them ever knowing?
Sara Barnes is about to find out.  She thought that all she had to worry about was final exams, Christmas shopping and deciding whether she likes the cute freshman in the next dorm who’s got a crush on her.
But when she starts seeing dreams that aren’t hers, she learns more than she ever wanted to know about her friends, her classmates…and a strange, terrifying man whose dreams could get Sara killed.
Dream Student” is the thrilling first installment of the Dreams series.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Toy Garden

Hello everyone,
Just wanted to give a quick update.  Currently I am working on a story called 'Toy Garden'.  It is about a little girl named Margaret.  Her Daddy laid out a garden for her in their backyard.  Unfortunately, Margaret is not very good at growing plants, so she decides to plant her old toys in the garden instead.
Margaret is nine years old, almost ten.  She is a sweet, intelligent, and decisive little girl.  But, like most girls her age she can be a bit temperamental, especially if she doesn't get her way.  She loves nursery rhymes, and you can often hear her singing a tune as she skips through her garden dropping flower petals on her broken toys.
I'm not sure if she does this as a gesture of goodwill, or if she thinks that doing it will bring the toys back to life.  Either way I am happy, as long as she is happy.
I am still working on the cover, but here is a preliminary photo.  I hope to have the story completed and out by the end of the month.

If you are looking for something of mine to read, right now, scroll down to the next post and you will find links for two bestsellers, that I am included in.  One is a collection of short stories, the other is poetry.  Both are wonderful books, which include myself and 11 other authors.
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thank you for stopping by.  I am pleased to be included in the best selling collection, Summer Shorts: Airing Out Secrets.  Myself, as well as 11 other hot indie authors, are included in this collection of short stories.

Be sure to stop by Smashwords to pick up the eBook, available in nine different formats!  

My friend, Hannelore Moore, is also included in this collection, stop by her blog, she is a very talented author!

Here is an excerpt from one of my stories, "Epiphany".

The floors were large, old, wooden planks. The lighting was soft. I breathed in, the smell of the paper caressed my nose, so warm, old, and inviting. So intoxicating I could almost taste it. After looking around for a bit I returned to the front of the store and purchased the book of the author whom I was coming to see read. I then proceeded to the back of the store to get a complimentary cup of coffee. I thought this was a very nice touch for a private book store. I took a seat and as I sipped the warm aromatic coffee from it's cup I began to read the book and now I was taken to a different world, a world full of fantasy, of dragons and elves, mystery and magic.

Love poetry?  'Whispers, Shouts, and Songs' is also available on Smashwords.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Estelan by Trace Broyles

Sometimes a book needs a facelift   After some discussion with my incredibly talented cover artist we decided ESTELAN was in need of a little nip/tuck.  However, I had no idea that this procedure would result in something so magical.  There are no words to thank my dear friend, Barbara Ivie Green, for her amazing work on my new cover.  Her depiction of female warrior, Kitin, is better than anything I could have imagined.  I cannot wait to see her larger than life, on my banner at Fandom Fest, at the end of the month.  For now, I am VERY pleased to present the new cover for ESTELAN featuring Kitin.

ESTELAN is available in ebook format: AmazonBarnes&NobleSmashwordsSony
and in paperback via Createspace Store and Amazon

Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Shorts

I am pleased to announce that some of my stories have been included in the new release 'Summer Shorts: Airing Out Secrets.'  This collection of short stories has been published by Durham Ebooks and Editing, please stop by their website to learn more about their fabulous company.
The following is an excerpt from my story "The Incredible Edible Egg".

“Hey Jeb, look at that white thing on the ground over there. What is it?”
“I don't know Zar, but I think it just came out of that chicken's butt.”
“Hmm, his butt you say? Maybe we should eat it.”
“Eat it?”
“Sure, why not?”
“Why not?” Questioned Jeb. “Maybe because it came out of his butt, that's why not!”
“So?” Asked Zar.
“So, I've never been inclined to eat something that has come out of your butt.”
“Well, maybe you should try it sometime, who knows what you might find.”

I am honored to have been included in this collection with a number of other great indie authors, including my friend, Hannelore Moore.  Please visit her site, Hannelore's Happenings, to learn more about her and her stories.

Click on the cover to visit Smashwords and use this code: KR34E to get your FREE copy!
Coupon code expires July 21st.
Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!

Also, if you would like to pick up a copy of the best selling poetry anthology, 'Whispers, Shouts, and Songs' it is on sale all month long at Smashwords. Get 50% off by using code: SSW50 It is a great collection featuring myself and 11 other authors. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summer Shorts

I am very pleased to announce that I will be included in the upcoming short story collection, 
Summer Shorts: Airing Out Secrets.  
The collection is being released by Durham Editing, a great company that can help you with all your editing and publishing needs.

Here is a little taste of one of my stories titled "Angel".

The figure sauntered on the sidewalk next to the road farthest from my house. Her vision was fixed perfectly forward. She had a long, bright white, full head of hair that curled at the end and sat perfectly on her shoulders. Her dress was simple, dark blue, no detail to it. It was long and almost touched the ground, it looked like a denim material. Over top of the dress she wore a simple white sweater, as white as her hair. Her movement was precise, she stayed focused directly in front of her, she never turned her head and moved at an exact pace. I could not see her feet, but I could tell by the sound of the shuffling beneath her that she must be wearing sandals.

By the way, you are going to want to read the rest of this TRUE story!  Check back here for details in the coming weeks, the book is scheduled to be released on July 12th.

Stop by and see my friend Hannelore Moore's blog.  She is also included in this anthology!  Hannelore is a wonderful writer and she just won an award in the Iron Writer Challenge #17.  You can check out that story, too: on her blog.

Stay in touch with me on my fan page on Facebook:

You can find me every weekend at The Virtual Ebook Fair event.  You can meet and chat with authors, read excerpts of their latest work, and win prizes!  Best part, it runs all weekend, and it's all FREE!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Returning Pride's Release Blog Tour

Jill Sanders survived 80's pop music, and life as an identical twin in a chaotic family of nine.  A feat by any standard!  She was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, relocating to Colorado for college and a successful IT career at IBM in Boulder.

Narrowly escaping before all creativity was squashed, she jumped at the chance to trade the mundane world of computers for the sexy, exciting world of her own imagination.  She now lives in charming rural Texas writing wonderful novels such as the Pride series.

Her debut novel, Finding Pride, was shortlisted in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards 2013, and has received glowing industry and reader reviews from around the world.  Her latest release is Discovering Pride. Yet another novel, Returning Pride, is slated for July 2013.

To learn more about Jill, visit her website, where she blogs daily, or follow her on Twitter: @jillmsanders.

Blog tour home:

Buy Amazon:

Trailer Video

Monday, June 24, 2013

Blog Hop: The Scent of Roses

The purpose of this blog hop is to promote Charlene Raddon’s latest release, The Scent of Roses, as well as the work of each of the participating bloggers. Be sure to read to the end of this page so you don’t miss out on the grand prize. Also be certain you visit each blog and comment to qualify for the individual giveaways, and the big prize.

Charlene Raddon has been writing historical romance novels for over thirty years. Her work has won several awards and much well-deserved praise. Here is what she has to say about her newest release.

Any day when a new book is released is exciting for the author. I'm thrilled to announce that my eBook, The Scent of Rosesis now available.

The Scent of Roses is a sequel to my last eBook, To Have And To Hold, but stands alone and does not need to be read in order to be enjoyed. Whip Kincaid, from The Scent of Roses, is the half-brother of Buck Maddux from To Have and To Hold. Whip also has a twin, Cale, who readers met in Buck’s story, which gives me an excuse to write a third book for this series.

The added touch of paranormal elements made The Scent of Roses a fun story to write. Who doesn't enjoy haunted houses with hidden passageways? When I first moved to Utah, I lived in this house. No, there weren't any secret passageways, but in every other way, my description of the old house is accurate. The third element new in this book is the subject of polygamy.

Rosalyn Delaney came to Whisky Ridge, Arizona expecting to receive aid from her estranged husband, Josiah Bullock, in escaping the crazed leader of a polygamist cult determined to have her. She’s broke and has nowhere else to go. But Josiah is dead, murdered the very evening of her arrival. The town is in uproar, searching for the suspected killer, Josiah’s business partner, Whip Kincaid. Rosalyn also learns that Josiah has taken a second wife.

Whip is innocent but to prove that, he needs to stay out of jail. He hides in secret passageways in the old house he and Josiah shared. Smythely, the elderly butler who came with the house, is the only other person aware of the passageways. Lurking between spiderwebbed walls and using the abundance of peepholes provided allows Whip to keep up with what’s going on. Sneaking out at night allows him to investigate. He’s particularly interested in Rosalyn Delaney, and for more than one reason. Besides being attracted to her, he’s sure she knows something about the murder.

But does she? Is she safe at Rose House? Will she be safe from Whip Kincade?
I hope you enjoyed this peek into The Scent of Roses. Find it here, at


June 1 - Official blog tour for Kat Flannery (not part of PUB/PM blog hop)
June 3     giveaway   
June 4          giveaway
June 8, /    giveaway
June 9,  giveaway
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June 18    giveaway
June 19,   giveaway  
June 21  giveaway

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Launch Party! June 23rd

Hey, can ya help a fella out?  Ya see it's my kid's birthday and he would really like it if you bought my book on Smashwords.
How much is it you ask?  It is FREE this weekend!
Use code: SK88Y for your FREE copy!
That is the nice thing about getting something for free, usually it doesn't cost that much.
Just click on the picture and get your free copy of "Whispers, shouts, and songs" a poetry anthology with contributions from a dozen different authors including myself.  It is a great collection, it even received a 5 star review!  I am sure you will find something there that you will enjoy, maybe even something that you will cherish forever.
Come join us this Sunday, June 23rd at 5 pm for our launch party on Facebook!  Meet with some of the authors, chat, ask questions, and enter to win for free to win prizes, including printed copies of the book!

Friday, June 21, 2013

"Whispers, Shouts, and Songs"

Get your FREE copy of "Whispers, Shouts, and Songs" on Smashwords this weekend, use code: SK88Y
Just click on the picture above.

Welcome once again readers!  I am so pleased to see you this week, please take a look around, there are some new authors here this week and even some old favorites with some new works of their own!
I would like to share another poem with you this week from the anthology...

“When spring came it melted”

when spring came
it melted my heart
cold so long
and then rejuvenation
until snow once more

Wayne L Murphy 4/29/13

Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Silent Screams"

I've taken too many steps
down the wrong path
now it's too late
to ever turn back

Like the match that burns the candle
my flame is flickering out
somebody please help me
find my passage out

I'm crying with the clouds
like a raindrop from the sky
I touch my cheek and wipe away
the teardrop from my eye
This is worse than any nightmare
or even any dream
no one’s around to help me
cause I'm screaming silent screams

Innocence surrounds me
like a child in a crib
here I lay alone at night
only a few nights left to live

Friends and relatives all around
as they place my body in the ground
It's just as I imagined,
and just as I had dreamed
no one's willing to listen when
you're screaming silent screams

I'm crying with the clouds
like a raindrop from the sky
I touch my cheek and wipe away
the teardrop from my eye
This is worse than any nightmare
or even any dream
no one’s around to help me
cause I'm screaming silent screams

Wayne L Murphy 3/31/89

This poem is included in the anthology 'Whispers, Shouts, and Songs' released on June 1, 2013.  You can find some of my other work there as well as works from 11 other writers.

****** Use code: SK88Y  at checkout to get your FREE copy!  Click the link to SMASHWORDS below. ******

Thank you for stopping by, when you have a chance please visit me at the Virtual eBook Fair, every weekend on Facebook!  Also, keep checking my blog for updates on my next release!  I will be included in a collection of short stories due out in July!

Looking for a new book?  Do you enjoy reading works from independent authors?  Have you ever been to a Virtual eBook Fair?  No?  Well then, you must come see what all the talk is about.
You can read excerpts from a variety of different authors in all genres.  You can meet the authors right at the fair!  They love to chat!  You can also win eBooks at the fair!

Also, don't forget to sign up for a FREE subscription to Reader's Rock, the eMagazine specifically geared towards readers.

I will be at the fair this weekend, so be sure to stop by my booth and say hello.  I will be displaying my latest work from the poetry anthology "Whispers, shouts, and songs" just released on June 1st.  You can check it out on Amazon.  The printed version can be found at
You can also find the eBook on Amazon, just click on the picture...

Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog, hope you have a great weekend, and don't forget DAD this Sunday!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Guest Author: Pamela Foreman

I am very pleased to have Author Pamela Foreman stop by my blog to share with us.  Be sure to leave a comment to be included in her giveaway!

You're Right, My Love

Pamela Foreman, Published Author

Genre: Romantic Fiction

SYNOPSIS: In a perfect world, David and Annette would never have met. Their spouses would still be alive and well, supporting their families in their endeavors. Their children, seven between the two, would not be spiraling into deep depression with each passing moment.

But their world is not perfect and both must struggle with their spouse's deaths, raise their children and deal with their new-found relationship with each other. Can David and Annette learn to love each other despite their differences? Can they look into the future instead of the past? Will their own children force them to part?

Purchase Link:

Author Bio: Pamela Foreman is a wife of seventeen years to her high school sweetheart and the mother of four children. Having grown up in Texas, Pamela currently lives in central Virginia. Pamela received her master’s degree in accounting from Liberty University and is an avid reader. She enjoys sewing, crocheting, knitting and scrapbooking when she is not involved with her children’s activities and spending time with her husband.

Pamela is the author of the Nebraska Holds series, a series surrounding the lives of David Anderson and Annette Miller, middle-aged adults who have both gone through the sudden deaths of their spouses and each have children to continue to raise. The series currently has three books, You're Right, My Love (December 2011), Not Again, My Love (January 2013) and the third book is Secrets Abound, My Love, will be published in July 2013.

Author Links:

About Me:


Thanks again for visiting! Be sure to leave a comment below to be entered to win a copy of my book in either print or electronic form.

"Whispers, shouts, and songs"

Get a copy of this wonderful poetry anthology with works from 12 authors!
Click on the picture to get your copy at Smashwords!  
"Whispers, shouts, and songs"  just got a 5 star review on Amazon and it has just been chosen for premium distribution on Apple iStore, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony, and many other places too!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Deer and raccoon sharing a meal...

Two deer and a raccoon were sharing some cereal I put out on the lawn in my backyard.
Click for larger image.
New poetry anthology "Whispers, shouts, and songs".

Thursday, May 23, 2013

"Whispers, shouts, and songs"

Photo: Mark your calendars! The 2013 poetry anthology for Durham Editing and E-books is coming out June 1, 2013!
Click on the picture for more information on this wonderful collection with poems from 12 different indie authors!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


A shadorma poem and video by Wayne L Murphy...

Click on the picture to watch the video on Youtube.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Cerridwen Moon

An excerpt from my book 'Cerridwen Moon'...

A new relationship is like a flower in the spring.  It starts off small, but when it blooms it is a wondrous gift.  It is magical.  Its beauty shines and calls out to all that gaze upon it.  There are many moments in life when we feel a tug on our heart strings.  It could be a simple pleasure such as seeing a deer grazing in a field or the sight and sound of the ocean as it gently washes ashore.  Or it could be a momentous occasion that we will never forget, a baby being born, our child graduating from college, or the day we meet and fall in love with the person we want to spend the rest of our lives with.
Normally, I am a pretty positive person.  I have a good outlook on life and I can make anyone laugh, I have a great sense of humor.  I am the kind of guy people like to hang out with.  I am a good friend and I try to live a good life.  I always try to treat people the way I would like to be treated.
Over the last few years I really had to learn to live without a lot of things that I was used to having.  When I first started the business I left a good paying job, with a company car and an expense account.  Now, I was all on my own.  All the decisions to make were mine, all of the  successes were mine to revel in, and all the failures that came with it were mine to wallow in.  Unfortunately for me my dreams of having a booming business with a lot of customers, and so much money coming in that it would be pouring out of my ears, never came to fruition.
I acquired the motel through an auction foreclosure in October 2004.  The first few months were brutal...

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cover Reveal for Violet Patterson's End of the Night!!!!

It began with tragedy.

Continued with rebirth.

Intensified with an uncovered past.

How will it all end?

The wait is almost over!  
Storm Sullivan's epic journey comes to an end tomorrow with the release of 


I am thrilled to reveal the stunning new cover created by the brilliant and fabulously talented, 
Tammie Clarke Gibbs.

And, a teaser excerpt.....


Beep, Beep, Beep.

Storm groaned and rolled over, right into PacMan’s back.  “PacMan, you bad boy.”  She halfheartedly mumbled the reprimand and attempted to push his body to no avail.  “Fine.  Be that way.”  Slapping the snooze button to silence the alarm, Storm draped an arm over her dog and snuggled into the short soft fur, relishing the gentle rise and fall of his chest. 

Beep, Beep, Beep.

PacMan snorted and licked Storm’s face.  “Alright,alright, I’m getting up.  I don’t know why you’re so put out, you get to lay around in bed all day.”  Pushing off the bed, Storm reached down and flipped the alarm to off before breaking into a yawning stretch that was highlighted with a serious of soft cracks and pops as her spine realigned.   For a second, Storm swore she heard a baby crying and paused at its closeness.  She mentally chastised herself and shrugged.  Must be the neighbors.  The apartment walls were paper thin after all. 

Stepping into the shower, Storm stood for several minutes under the steaming hot water, washing away the grime from the day before and the vague discomfort following the vision she’d had.  The vision.  It was an ugly one and somewhat painful if truth be told.  She’d made the call to the precinct from her disposable cell and hoped they been able to nab the sicko in time.  Part of her wanted to call Dan and Shane to ask about it but then they would wonder how she knew.  Every time Storm had the same internal argument but ultimately did the right thing and waited for the news story.  She rinsed off and stepped out, wrapping herself in a worn bath towel.  PacMan sat in the doorway of the bathroom staring at her in his usual concerned way.  Storm called him a worry wart because he always appeared to be frowning in concern. 

“I think I talk to you too much, boy.”  Storm turned from her dog and wiped off the mirror.  A man’s face looked back at her.  She blinked, rubbed her eyes and wiped at the mirror again but only saw her own reflection.  “Yes, definitely.  I am losing it.”  Storm grumbled to herself and went about methodically combing the tangles from her hair before neatly plaiting it.  With the towel secured tightly around her body she slipped back into the bedroom and flipped the television on to the morning news.  Sifting through her wardrobe, Storm half listened to the weather and traffic.  By the time the main anchor re-took the screen she’d slipped into a pair of black pin-striped pants and her least ratty white lace camisole.  The story Storm had been waiting for came on just as she was slipping into her emerald green satin blouse.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Author SJ Byrne's new book, 'Once a Druid'

Looking for something new?  In only 5 days Author SJ Byrne's new book, 'Once a Druid' comes out!  While you are waiting check out an excerpt...

More will be happening on April 25th
              than most realize...

"By the light of the Lunar Eclipse—let them see!"

There is something seriously wrong in Kirra Munro's head. Besides suffering from amnesia, night after night she is plagued by dark dreams of other worldly rituals and a past she has no right in remembering—or does she?

Psychology professor Cayden McKinnon has the ability to unlock the blockages in her mind, but after one visit things begin unraveling far too fast. 

Time is running out...or has the battle for one woman's soul just begun?

Available in print and digital April 25th, 2013!

Beyond her heavy eyelids, Kirra knew she was no longer alone. In the darkest shadows a presence had joined her.

The being didn’t breathe. Her sensitive hearing would have detected the slight whoosh of air filtering through the spongy mass of a living lung.

It also wasn’t human—her tongue would have tingled from the imminent promise of a blood offering.

Whatever the thing was, she had never encountered its kind before.

A slight shift in the air to the left alerted her to the creature’s exact position. Part of her wanted to be afraid but her stronger essence knew there was nothing to fear.

A prickling began in the tips of her toes as she pushed the comforting thought into every corner of her brain. Curious about the cause, she stilled her mind and focused on the heat spreading from her feet throughout the rest of her body. Not an entirely unpleasant sensation, it was much like bathing in a gentle wash of warm water.

Once the sensation penetrated her brain she knew all her past actions were being picked apart and judged by the invading heat. Somehow she understood that the being held her life in its hands. Despair saturated the infrastructure of her spirit but ceased almost immediately, leaving a sense of weightlessness at her soul’s core.

Only the pure of heart can receive my protection—all others perish during the purging.”

The edict slipped into her thoughts like soft feathers turned to a thick warm liquid. Through the haze washing over her reflective process, Kirra sensed her body being lifted off the slab of stone and was unable to resist the movement.

To be cradled against an essence exuding such strength and vitality made her want to cry. All she’d been lacking in her heart flooded her system, choking the breath from her lungs.

Weep not...”

The voice drifted off into unintelligible murmurings as the shadows behind her eyes turned pure black and Kirra’s thoughts were no more.

Pre-order your print copy today!