Saturday, March 30, 2013


Do you enjoy reading new books?  Do you like to discover new authors?  If so, you are in luck today!  Stop by the Virtual Ebook Fair on Facebook today from 9 am - 11 pm!  Meet an author, ask a question, read excerpts from new works.

I hope everyone enjoys their Easter weekend, and hopefully you can stop by the Ebook Fair!  It should be a lot of fun and you may discover a new book you will enjoy!

Friday, March 29, 2013

New Contest

Hello everyone!  How is everybody in Blogland doing today?  As you may or may not know my 1st book is unpublished, and I have been working towards building an audience and raising funds to get it published.  I am using the site  It is a crowdfunding site where aspiring authors can go and post excerpts from their work and try to reach their goal of having their work published.
The money raised will go towards proofreading, editing, cover art, etc.  Also, a percentage of all the money raised will go towards children's literacy initiatives worldwide.  So, by helping me reach my goals and dreams you will also be helping children learn to read.
I greatly appreciate all the support so far, you have all been amazing, but I still have a long way to go.  I know the book needs work, but I am so excited to see it get published and get off the ground.  I have plans for more books and I am currently working on a few ideas.
I thought I would give away a new excerpt this week to one random winner.  All you need to do is leave a comment here with a number between 1 and 300.  The winner, chosen at random, will receive an excerpt from the book starting at the page they chose.  The drawing will be held next Friday.
Please go see my book on Pubslush when you get a chance, every bit of support helps, and the more people that you tell about it the better!  Thank you so much!  I hope everyone has a great weekend!
Click here for the direct link to my book, 'Cerridwen Moon'.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Lindsey Stirling

I had the chance to go see Lindsey Stirling perform live on Wednesday night, her music is great!  She is very original and so full of energy it is contagious!  She plays the violin like nobody's business, it is incredible to watch her perform!  It wasn't the best venue, hard to see the stage, so I would definitely like to go see her again.  If you get the chance to go see her, you should.  She is finishing up a tour here in the states then heading to Europe.  Hopefully she will be touring here again when she returns.  You can check for tour dates here... Lindsey Stirling Violin
Here is a small live sample from the other night, my phone does not take good videos so be sure to check out her youtube page, she is awesome!

This is 'Crystallize', one of her originals, it has over 52 million views on youtube.  While you are there check out some of her other songs, click here for Lindsey's youtube channel... Lindseystomp

Want to learn more about Lindsey?  Here is a good article from 'Forbes' magazine.  Lindsey Stirling/ Forbes

Her videos are awesome, great costumes, music, and dancing.  She is very inspirational!  She is a true artist, she has stayed true to herself, she is doing something she loves, and we are lucky that she is sharing it with the world.

This is one of my favorites, one of her originals called 'Spontaneous Me'.
Also, be sure to check out 'Shadows' and one of her most popular covers the 'Zelda Medley'.  Who else covers video game songs?  I don't know, but surely know one does it like she does!
She has so many amazing songs, from her originals to the songs she covers.  Each of her videos are filmed in unique locations with stunning costumes, and of course Lindsey's music and dancing that is truly inspirational!  You have to check it out for yourselves!

So, have you heard enough?  Maybe you should just go buy her album on Itunes, here's the link...

She is an exceptional artist and offers something that everyone can enjoy!

Best of luck Lindsey!
Have a great weekend everyone!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I hope that everyone had a good St. Patrick's Day!  Looks like we have a few inches of snow this morning, and spring is only a couple days away!  Hopefully the warm weather gets here soon!
Again this week you have a chance to win a FREE dvd rental code from Redbox.  Simply leave a comment here and you will be entered into a random drawing to win the code!  This week's drawing will be held on Tuesday the 26th at 8 am.  This week's winner is Jan, congratulations Jan!
In the meantime try to stay warm!  Perhaps you could sample an adult beverage, like the one's featured here that we enjoyed at our St. Patrick's Day celebration!

Or maybe you would enjoy snuggling up under the covers with a good book, be sure to check out mine when you have a chance! 

Have a great week everyone!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

'Cerridwen Moon'

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a look around, and please leave a comment, you could win a prize!  See something you like?  Let me know.  Is there something you would like to see or have a question about?  Tell me about it, I will make sure to get back to you!
I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Enjoy your St. Paddy's Day!!

Please visit to help support my very first book!  I am so excited and anxious to get this off the ground and get it published so millions of people around the world can enjoy it!

'Cerridwen Moon'
Thank you everyone so much for your support!  It is greatly appreciated!!  There is now a $1 donation button on Pubslush for my book.  Every little bit of support helps!
Also, a percentage of all the money raised will be donated towards Children's Literacy Initiatives worldwide!!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Sometimes I can't wait to go to sleep at night, just so I can get up in the morning and start another amazing day!  I normally do not sleep for a long period of time, usually five to six hours, so if I go to sleep around 11:30 pm or midnight I am usually awake by 5 or 6 am.
I enjoy waking up early, it is quiet, the day is fresh, and the air is clean.  It is like another rebirth every morning.  Like the night has washed away the sins of yesterday and given us a chance to start anew.
I fell asleep watching tv, early last night, around 9 pm.  When I woke up I felt refreshed and wide awake.  Sometimes when I haven't had a lot of sleep I can be a bit groggy, but not this morning, I felt great!  I knew it had to be pretty early since I had fallen asleep so early, but that's alright it just means that I get to start my day that much earlier.  So I wondered, what time is it?  Three o'clock, four maybe?  I checked my phone, 10:37.  10:37?  That can't be right!  I never sleep for more than 12 hours!  I notice that it is still dark outside.  With the change from daylight savings it has been darker a lot later in the morning than we have been used to, but it can't still be dark out.  I checked my phone again, 10:38!
Well, I decided to make some coffee, after all it is usually what I do in the morning.  Maybe I was still dreaming and it was really 6 am, maybe my cell phone was broken.  There had to be some explanation.  As I am sitting here typing this it is now 11:05.  So I have come to the conclusion that I am just a freak, possibly turning into a vampire or something.  Funny, I don't remember getting bit, and all of the evidence I have read about in books or seen in the movies would suggest that is something I would remember.
So I feel asleep early, slept for a little over an hour and a half, and now I am sitting here just like I would every morning drinking coffee and clacking away on my keyboard.  However, I am presented with a real problem today, it's not a new day!  If I had slept for 3 hours and I woke up after midnight I could understand and completely deal with that, but this is just the tail end of yesterday, and it is not even yesterday yet, it is now!
I think I have fallen into some sort of twisted black hole of fate.  My only solace is the fact that the clock is still running!  Maybe I will be alright.  Maybe I will pull through this.  The question does still remain though, can I start my day, a new day, before the old one has even expired?  Even as I write this I am questioning the tense of my wording.  I know some of it is wrong because I am writing about events as if they happened in the past, but they are happening to me right now!
Maybe this is some sort of sick joke that someone is playing on me.  Maybe someone set the clock on my phone and computer back six hours and it is really 4 am now.  Of course they would've had to paint my windows black, and I don't think they did because I can still see out the windows.  Unless they took photos from inside my house, blew up the photos, and hung them outside my windows so I would think it was still dark outside.  Well, I just checked, that didn't happen!
Well, it is now 11:35 pm on 3/13/13, hmmmm, has anyone looked at the date closely today?  A lot of 1's and 3's going on, maybe that has something to do with my dilemma, and of course I just heard a train whistle blow and now I can hear the train rumbling down the tracks as it passes by.  This is all very peculiar.  The silence inside deafens me.  The darkness creeps around watching me, waiting for me to notice it and realize it is not going away.  No, this morning I do not get to sit down, enjoy my coffee, and write a bit while I wait for the sun to gently crawl out of bed and brighten my day.  There are no birds beginning to chirp, there are no cars on their way to work.  No this morning only darkness and silence, with of course the occasional train rumbling by, but at least I have my coffee and I am wide awake, which does seem odd since I slept so little.  It will probably hit me later.
OK, so now it is 11:41 pm and I would like to get this published before midnight so it is time stamped and everyone believes me.  Of course I could be lying about the whole thing, but I am not!  Or perhaps I am lying to myself and this is all a dream and when I wake this will all be gone.  I pinched myself!  It proved nothing!  So, now onto my next problem, like the day 3/13/13 that would never end, I seem to be stuck in an infinite loop and don't now how to end this post.  Maybe I will just end it.  I always reread my work before I post it, but I am almost afraid to do so today.  For one thing it may push me past midnight, secondly it may just sound like garbage, which I think it does, and I may just trash it, even though maybe I should keep it.  i am stuck in another loop again.
So, I will just end it and post it.  I will go get some more coffee and read it back after I post it.  If anyone has any suggestions, an idea for an ending, or if you would like to just tell me that you are sick of my crazy ramblings, then by all means please let me know.
OK, I am signing off.  Good morning everyone!  Or is it good night?  Muhahahahaha!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Goodbye Winter

The rain this morning has melted away what was left of the cold white blanket of snow we received a few days ago.  What is left now is a lot of mud, trash, and leaves.  Though it may not look as pretty right now soon the grass will be green again, flowers will be popping up, and the trees will sprout a fresh batch of leaves.  Not only do we get to do our spring cleaning inside soon, but we will also be able to get outside and make our little corners of the world beautiful as well.  I am definitely feeling the 'spring fever' and can not wait to get out and clean up the yard, plus it will give me a chance to get out around town and take a stroll down by the Hudson River.
So, it is Tuesday again, this evening will be time for me to rent a new release dvd and eat some Chinese food.  I think I will go with my usual, sweet & sour chicken and pork fried rice.  About a month ago I got a fortune cookie that said "some cookies contain no fortune."  Ironically about a week later I got a fortune cookie without a fortune inside, so I guess fortunes really do come true, lol.
Any recommendations for a movie this week?  I think 'Skyfall' is out, the new James Bond, if so I will be getting that one.  I was never a big Bond fan growing up, but I have really enjoyed them over the last few years, maybe I like Daniel Craig as Bond, plus there is so much action!
Also, you have a chance to win another free dvd rental code this week that you can use at Redbox.  Simply leave a comment here and you will be entered into a drawing.  The drawing will end on Friday at 6 pm EST.  The winner, to be chosen at random, will be posted here at that time.  If you win I will contact you with the code.  This week's winner is Momto8, I will contact you with the code, congrats!!
I hope everyone is having a great week!  If you don't feel like seeing a movie this week maybe you would prefer a book, I have a good recommendation for you...'Cerridwen Moon'  Check it out! Thanks everyone!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Elodie Parkes

Author Elodie Parkes interviews me today on her blog, stop by and check it out...
Also, check out her Amazon page if you are looking for a great book written by her...
Elodie's Amazon Author page
Hope everyone is enjoying their Monday!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Weekly review with Gary Gnu

This week Gary Gnu stopped by to speak with me about my book, my blog, and all things gnew.

Gary: "This Is Gary Gnu. And The No Gnews Is Good Gnews Show. The Only TV Gnews Program Guaranteed To Contain No Gnews Whatsoever." Welcome to the show Wayne.

Wayne: Thanks Gary, it is good to be here.  You are looking well.

Gary: Well thank you Wayne, I try to stay in shape by doing gnatural glute flexes.

Wayne: That seems to be working out very well for you Gary.

Gary: Indeed it is Wayne.  So anyway, on to the gnews!  I hear you have written a gnew book!

Wayne: Yes Gary, it is called 'Cerridwen Moon'  You can click on the link to read an excerpt from the book and help me reach my goal of getting it published.

Gary: What link?  What are you talking about?  I don't see anything?

Wayne: You can click on the title of the book to see my page and help support me.

Gary: Click on the title you say?  Hmmm, how gnice that must be for you.  What other gnew things have you been doing this week?

Wayne: Well Gary, it did snow here yesterday, so I did a lot of shoveling.

Gary: Wayne you live in GNew York, is that correct?

Wayne: Yes, I...

Gary: Of course it's correct, I gnever gnet the gnews wrong!  Can we see some pictures on the snow?

Gary: Looks lovely Wayne, but you do gknow that spring will be here soon right?

Wayne: Yes Gary, I am aware of that.  In fact I received a letter in the mail yesterday from the DMV to renew my registration for my bike.  It won't be long until I can start riding her again.

Gary: Is that so?  Do we have any pictures of that?

Wayne: Sure Gary...

Gary: Well, this is all very good.  Any more gnews for us this week Wayne?

Wayne: Yes, I purchased tickets to go see Lindsey Stirling in a couple weeks.  You can see her Youtube channel by clicking on her name. 
Gary: We are clicking on gnames gnow?  I don't gknow what you are gnetting at!

Wayne: Gary if you click on her name you can see her videos and get tour information.

Gary: Uhmmm, yes, I will be sure to do that, right after I change my clock back this weekend to account for daylight savings time. Do you know that there is no daylight savings time in space?

Wayne: No Gary, I was not aware of that, but I do know that most countries do not use it.

Gary: Yes, well enough of that we were talking about me for a change.  Is that good with you Wayne?  If maybe I say something?

Wayne: Sure Gary, that would be great.  Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?  It is only 8 days away!

Gary: Ahhh, yes I do like corned beef, wearing green, and having a few green beers.

Wayne: That's great Gary.

Gary: Yes, of course it is.  So Wayne, anything else you would like to say before I have to go?

Wayne: I would just like to say thank you to everyone, all my new followers, everyone that has helped me and given me advice, and all of my supporters.  I am so psyched to get my book published and start working on the next one!

Gary: Yes, well good for you.  I have to go gnow, back to space on the 'Great Space Coaster'!  So please remember everyone, "No gnews in good gnews with Gary Gnu."  Goodnight everybody!

Wayne: Thank you Gary, and thank you everyone for stopping by to see my blog, please check out an excerpt from my book when you have a chance.  If you like it please tell others so I can get the word out and reach my goals.  If you really like it every bit of support helps.  Thank you all so much!  Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Release Tuesday

As well as loving books I also love movies.  Yes, most of the time the book is better, but I still really enjoy a good flick!  Not too long ago I owned my own video store, so I have seen a lot of movies, and now I still look for the new releases to come out every Tuesday.  Usually on Tuesday night I rent a DVD and get some Chinese food.  99% of the time I get Sweet & Sour chicken & pork fried rice!  The woman at the restaurant has asked me a few times why I always get the same thing, so I told her that when I find something I like I stick to it.  Hopefully you are all enjoying my blog.  As you can see it is just getting started so if you have any comments or suggestions please let me know.
Check back again on Tuesday to have a chance to win a FREE DVD rental code from Redbox.  All you have to do to be entered into the drawing is leave a comment here.  1 winner will be chosen at random.  The winner will be chosen and posted here by Friday at 6 pm EST.  If you are the winner I will contact you with the code.
So what are you waiting for? Leave a comment HERE and be entered to win!
This week's drawing won by Don! Enjoy the movie Don! I will tweet you or you can leave me a message here, thanks.
My recommendation for this week, if you have not seen it already, is 'Breaking Dawn Part 2'.  I had the chance to see this in the theaters when it was out.  Besides the first 'Twilight', this is one of the best films in this series!
Winner of the FREE DVD Code must supply their own Chinese food!  :)
Please don't forget to stop by and see my 1st book!  Every little bit of support helps!  Thanks!
'Cerridwen Moon'

Monday, March 4, 2013

Business Cards!

Good Monday morning everyone!
My business cards came in!
Now I just have to get published!
'Cerridwen Moon' by Wayne Murphy

Do you name parts of your body?

Does anyone name their hands?  I know a lot of people may name different parts of their bodies, but all I am concerned with are their hands.  I was thinking about this yesterday.  I probably think about my hands more than most people my age.  This is due to the fact that last year I broke my right wrist and my left elbow, and after several surgeries and extensive physical therapy I still have aches, pains, and arthritis.  I can no longer move my arms and hands completely, but I got back 85 to 90% of my motion.  A lot of times, especially on a cold NY winter day or night, my hands ache, especially the right one.
So, anyway I was thinking about this, and for whatever reason I thought I should name my hands.  Maybe part of the reason is because I talk to them so much, similar to the way someone might talk to a car they own, "come on baby, start, start, yeah!"  Not only do I talk to my vehicle on occasion, mostly every occasion, because I am always happy when she starts and we have a safe trip, but apparently I now think it is alright to speak to my hands.
I have decided that I will name my right hand Maggie.  This way I can tell her to wake up and she also has her own theme song.  "Wake up Maggie, I think I got something to say to you," Rod Stewart.  I decided to call my left had Lefty, because really who doesn't want a friend called Lefty?  Whenever something goes wrong you know Lefty will be able to take care of it.
So , I was just curious if anyone else names their hands, or is it just me?
** Check back tomorrow for this week's giveaway, it will be a good one!! **

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Need 1 NEW Supporter to reach my goal this week - COMPLETE!

Just looking for 1 new supporter this weekend! Please help out if you can, visit my new book! Aspiring author trying to get my 1st book published. Thanks all!
'Cerridwen Moon' 

Thank you everyone for all your support this past week, I am still a long way from my overall goal, but I am confident I will get there.  Every little bit helps so please check out my book when you get the chance, and if you like what you see please tell your friends and family!!
(My goal for the week of March 3rd is to get THREE new supporters, please spread the word!)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Looking for a good book?

'Cerridwen Moon' by Wayne Murphy

Looking for a good book to enjoy this weekend?  Check out some of the titles I've recently found on Amazon!  Please help support these authors!
A War Hero Returns by Johnny Ray 

Chasing Amanda by Melissa Foster 

The World of Karov (The Children of Demilee) by Elyse Salpeter 

Reaching the Edge by Jennifer Comeaux 

Erich's Plea (The Witchcraft Wars) by Tracey Alley 

Don't have a Kindle?  You can get a free app for your PC on Amazon.  Just look to the right when you get to the book's page.  Quick, free, and easy to set up!

Also, please help support my book this weekend, you can find it at  This is my first book, any and all support is greatly appreciated!

Cerridwen Moon by Wayne Murphy

If you enjoy these titles please leave feedback on Amazon and please tell your friends about it!  Thanks and have a great weekend!