Sunday, April 9, 2017

NaPoWriMo Week 1

Day 1 

And so it
needles and
All year
we wait,
it seems so
your heart,
the hardest
It's alright
if you do,
even if you
You can,
if you want,
but surely

I won't.

Recipe for wonder (Day 2)

Take one 19 year old male,
one 17 year old female.
Sprinkle with young love,
throw in a dash of lust.

Shake well,
and an ounce of fun,
a few beers,
and the backseat of a car.

Lightening strikes,
hold tight.
Bake for nine months,
a seven pound baby girl.

But like an egg,
the relationship separates.
She says she is not yours,
you've no reason not to believe.

Add a decade, or two,
to the mix.
Like fine wine,
she ages more and more.

You wonder,
you see her smile,
her hair, her nose, her teeth.
All too familiar.

She looks like your sister,
but you were told no,
she is not yours.
Add a drop of doubt.

There is a chance,
though you never knew.
And now she is fully grown,
all of it has passed by.

Maybe her life is delicious,
don't upset the recipe,
but could it be even better,
with a hint of the truth?

It's Time (4/3 prompt)

You may as well be dead already.
You're not married,
your job sucks.

Some nights you are so drunk
you can't even formulate
a proper sentence.

You have nothing to look forward to.
Nothing on the horizon, no prospects.

I can barely stand to look at you
in the mirror.
You are a complete waste. You're
just taking up space.

So maybe it's time.
As Red once said,
“It's time to get busy living or get busy dying.”

The choice is yours my friend.

WLM 4/4/17

Day 4

She is confident,
intelligent, fun, caring.
She is beautiful.

Day 6

A barren field,
could it be forgotten,
or never thought of
to begin with?

Was there a structure;
A market, a shop,
a home, perhaps?

Maybe it was always blank,
just waiting for someone
to paint its landscape.

Do the animals call it home?
Would they despise it
being anything else?

Do the children
play ball, run through the
openness and laugh?

Do you see it?
Is it empty?
Is it forgotten?
Is it as it should be?
Should there be more?
Or is it fine, just the way it is?

Day 7

I had found a friend,
and even though curiosity begged,
I never searched for more.

We all take our own paths,
mine went one way,
yours went another.

But as things often do,
we passed again one day,
just briefly, unless...

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