Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Sometimes I can't wait to go to sleep at night, just so I can get up in the morning and start another amazing day!  I normally do not sleep for a long period of time, usually five to six hours, so if I go to sleep around 11:30 pm or midnight I am usually awake by 5 or 6 am.
I enjoy waking up early, it is quiet, the day is fresh, and the air is clean.  It is like another rebirth every morning.  Like the night has washed away the sins of yesterday and given us a chance to start anew.
I fell asleep watching tv, early last night, around 9 pm.  When I woke up I felt refreshed and wide awake.  Sometimes when I haven't had a lot of sleep I can be a bit groggy, but not this morning, I felt great!  I knew it had to be pretty early since I had fallen asleep so early, but that's alright it just means that I get to start my day that much earlier.  So I wondered, what time is it?  Three o'clock, four maybe?  I checked my phone, 10:37.  10:37?  That can't be right!  I never sleep for more than 12 hours!  I notice that it is still dark outside.  With the change from daylight savings it has been darker a lot later in the morning than we have been used to, but it can't still be dark out.  I checked my phone again, 10:38!
Well, I decided to make some coffee, after all it is usually what I do in the morning.  Maybe I was still dreaming and it was really 6 am, maybe my cell phone was broken.  There had to be some explanation.  As I am sitting here typing this it is now 11:05.  So I have come to the conclusion that I am just a freak, possibly turning into a vampire or something.  Funny, I don't remember getting bit, and all of the evidence I have read about in books or seen in the movies would suggest that is something I would remember.
So I feel asleep early, slept for a little over an hour and a half, and now I am sitting here just like I would every morning drinking coffee and clacking away on my keyboard.  However, I am presented with a real problem today, it's not a new day!  If I had slept for 3 hours and I woke up after midnight I could understand and completely deal with that, but this is just the tail end of yesterday, and it is not even yesterday yet, it is now!
I think I have fallen into some sort of twisted black hole of fate.  My only solace is the fact that the clock is still running!  Maybe I will be alright.  Maybe I will pull through this.  The question does still remain though, can I start my day, a new day, before the old one has even expired?  Even as I write this I am questioning the tense of my wording.  I know some of it is wrong because I am writing about events as if they happened in the past, but they are happening to me right now!
Maybe this is some sort of sick joke that someone is playing on me.  Maybe someone set the clock on my phone and computer back six hours and it is really 4 am now.  Of course they would've had to paint my windows black, and I don't think they did because I can still see out the windows.  Unless they took photos from inside my house, blew up the photos, and hung them outside my windows so I would think it was still dark outside.  Well, I just checked, that didn't happen!
Well, it is now 11:35 pm on 3/13/13, hmmmm, has anyone looked at the date closely today?  A lot of 1's and 3's going on, maybe that has something to do with my dilemma, and of course I just heard a train whistle blow and now I can hear the train rumbling down the tracks as it passes by.  This is all very peculiar.  The silence inside deafens me.  The darkness creeps around watching me, waiting for me to notice it and realize it is not going away.  No, this morning I do not get to sit down, enjoy my coffee, and write a bit while I wait for the sun to gently crawl out of bed and brighten my day.  There are no birds beginning to chirp, there are no cars on their way to work.  No this morning only darkness and silence, with of course the occasional train rumbling by, but at least I have my coffee and I am wide awake, which does seem odd since I slept so little.  It will probably hit me later.
OK, so now it is 11:41 pm and I would like to get this published before midnight so it is time stamped and everyone believes me.  Of course I could be lying about the whole thing, but I am not!  Or perhaps I am lying to myself and this is all a dream and when I wake this will all be gone.  I pinched myself!  It proved nothing!  So, now onto my next problem, like the day 3/13/13 that would never end, I seem to be stuck in an infinite loop and don't now how to end this post.  Maybe I will just end it.  I always reread my work before I post it, but I am almost afraid to do so today.  For one thing it may push me past midnight, secondly it may just sound like garbage, which I think it does, and I may just trash it, even though maybe I should keep it.  i am stuck in another loop again.
So, I will just end it and post it.  I will go get some more coffee and read it back after I post it.  If anyone has any suggestions, an idea for an ending, or if you would like to just tell me that you are sick of my crazy ramblings, then by all means please let me know.
OK, I am signing off.  Good morning everyone!  Or is it good night?  Muhahahahaha!


  1. Wayne, I was just reading your post and I don't think you can call it a new day or a new morning. It was before midnight so clearly it was still the same day. You can not steal time from one day and use it like it is a whole new day! Who do you think you are? Where do you get off even imagining that something like that is even possible?
    I understand that you went through your morning rituals, but that doesn't necessarily constitute it being a new day. If I call the sun the moon is it really so? I wonder what a shrew might say?
    Clearly I have started a new day because it is past midnight now, but you, my friend, on the other hand have some serious problems, you're quite dysfunctional, I must confess.

    1. Great! Now I am talking and posting to myself. I shouldn't even dignify that comment with a reply, but here were are, so maybe he does have a point about me having some problems.
      I am not even sure if that reply is written in the third person, it may be written in 4th person, twice removed.
      Maybe I have fallen into a black hole, I am trapped in another dimension, and I can not escape. Maybe I have discovered how to time travel, though if I have I don't remember how I did it!
      I wonder if I can do the things on my 'to do list' now that I wasn't able to get to yesterday. Would it still count towards yesterday? I guess it depends on how you look at it.
      My brother just got home from work, I wonder if he is facing the dilemma of having worked straight into the next day! Maybe I have screwed up the time space continuum for everyone! Is anyone else experiencing any time related issues (well I was going to say this morning, but now I am not sure. Now I am wondering if I have to take into account the different time zones. If someone from the UK is reading this right now it is 5 am there, but here it is just after midnight! I am so confused! So I guess I will just put) now?
      Maybe I should just go back to sleep and it will straighten itself out. No! I won't do it! I think I will stay up and see how this plays itself out!

    2. I am not even going to edit my post today, normally I would, I like things to be in order, but not today, or yesterday, or whatever this is now. Clearly some of the tenses are confused, but so am I. Also, towards the end of the post I wrote 'i', I always do that, it drives me nuts, but I will leave it today. I don't know why the spell checker doesn't catch that when clearly it should be a capital 'I'. I miss the shift key a lot and I do that constantly, and it really does drive me crazy. You would never type 'i' by it self, not even the roman numeral would be written that way, right? I suppose I could go look up the answer, but I am just too lazy right now, I think I need more coffee. If anyone has actually read to this point in my crazy ramblings today please let me know if you know the answer, I would greatly appreciate that!

    3. This is one crazy but entertaining post. As far as lowercase "I's" I can recall them being used in the form of Roman numerals at the beginning of textbooks I had in school. I think they're also used in older dictionaries, but not as much anymore. From the looks of your post, you may have had too much coffee too quickly in your panic. Oh well. Tomorrow's another day. Just don't fall asleep this time.

    4. Lol, thanks Ethan, yes it is a bit crazy, but sometimes you need a little crazy. The lower case 'i''s really bug me, lol, but thank you for the explanation. It is just past 4:30 am now, and I am starting to get sleepy, I am debating on whether to have more coffee, stay up, do some editing, or finish my taxes. My other choice is to go back to sleep for a bit. On the bright side I have gotten a lot of things done since I got up. I even wrote an 1800 word short story that I will probably post on here by this weekend. So all in all not a bad start to the day or night as the case may be. I think my fingers are getting tired, I can't type, lol. It is still dark outside and it will be for a couple more hours.

  2. I found your great blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect!

    1. Thanks Martha, I am following you now also! Great to connect!