Monday, March 4, 2013

Do you name parts of your body?

Does anyone name their hands?  I know a lot of people may name different parts of their bodies, but all I am concerned with are their hands.  I was thinking about this yesterday.  I probably think about my hands more than most people my age.  This is due to the fact that last year I broke my right wrist and my left elbow, and after several surgeries and extensive physical therapy I still have aches, pains, and arthritis.  I can no longer move my arms and hands completely, but I got back 85 to 90% of my motion.  A lot of times, especially on a cold NY winter day or night, my hands ache, especially the right one.
So, anyway I was thinking about this, and for whatever reason I thought I should name my hands.  Maybe part of the reason is because I talk to them so much, similar to the way someone might talk to a car they own, "come on baby, start, start, yeah!"  Not only do I talk to my vehicle on occasion, mostly every occasion, because I am always happy when she starts and we have a safe trip, but apparently I now think it is alright to speak to my hands.
I have decided that I will name my right hand Maggie.  This way I can tell her to wake up and she also has her own theme song.  "Wake up Maggie, I think I got something to say to you," Rod Stewart.  I decided to call my left had Lefty, because really who doesn't want a friend called Lefty?  Whenever something goes wrong you know Lefty will be able to take care of it.
So , I was just curious if anyone else names their hands, or is it just me?
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  1. I found your great blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect!