Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Goodbye Winter

The rain this morning has melted away what was left of the cold white blanket of snow we received a few days ago.  What is left now is a lot of mud, trash, and leaves.  Though it may not look as pretty right now soon the grass will be green again, flowers will be popping up, and the trees will sprout a fresh batch of leaves.  Not only do we get to do our spring cleaning inside soon, but we will also be able to get outside and make our little corners of the world beautiful as well.  I am definitely feeling the 'spring fever' and can not wait to get out and clean up the yard, plus it will give me a chance to get out around town and take a stroll down by the Hudson River.
So, it is Tuesday again, this evening will be time for me to rent a new release dvd and eat some Chinese food.  I think I will go with my usual, sweet & sour chicken and pork fried rice.  About a month ago I got a fortune cookie that said "some cookies contain no fortune."  Ironically about a week later I got a fortune cookie without a fortune inside, so I guess fortunes really do come true, lol.
Any recommendations for a movie this week?  I think 'Skyfall' is out, the new James Bond, if so I will be getting that one.  I was never a big Bond fan growing up, but I have really enjoyed them over the last few years, maybe I like Daniel Craig as Bond, plus there is so much action!
Also, you have a chance to win another free dvd rental code this week that you can use at Redbox.  Simply leave a comment here and you will be entered into a drawing.  The drawing will end on Friday at 6 pm EST.  The winner, to be chosen at random, will be posted here at that time.  If you win I will contact you with the code.  This week's winner is Momto8, I will contact you with the code, congrats!!
I hope everyone is having a great week!  If you don't feel like seeing a movie this week maybe you would prefer a book, I have a good recommendation for you...'Cerridwen Moon'  Check it out! Thanks everyone!


  1. you described my landscape perfectly!! I am so ready for sp[ring colors!!
    good luck finding a decent dvd....we haven't seen a good movie in a long time...but can't complain too much for $1.....
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    that dinner sounds yummy!

    1. I stopped by your blog, and I am following it now, it looks great! If you haven't seen the new 007 it is very good, watched it last night. Don't worry, spring will be here very soon.