Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Finding My Way Back

This week I am pleased to host author Fran Veal.  Her latest book, Finding My Way Back, has just been released.  I have read it, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an exciting story.
Three weeks ago I walked in while my parents were being murdered.  I escaped, but I need to put my life back together again.  There's just one problem - I don't know where to begin.

My parents weren't who I thought they were.
My best friend isn't who I thought he was.
The killer isn't who I thought he was.
And scariest of all, I'm not who I thought I was.

FINDING MY WAY BACK is a Young Adult tale of adventure, self-discovery and romance, with a twist of the paranormal. It's the sequel to the Kindle bestseller FINDING MY ESCAPE.

Fran Veal fell in love with the book Little Women in the third grade, and that was the spark that ignited her desire to write.  If Jo could write then she felt she could, too.  Her first attempt at writing stories was in the fifth grade when she began writing and drawing a cartoon for her friends.  The drawing, to be honest, was terrible, but the stories must have been pretty decent because a friend recently informed her she'd kept some of them because “she always knew Fran would be a writer someday. Fran graduated to writing romance in ninth grade, which was more interesting and, no, there were no pictures (much to the readers' relief).

It wasn’t until Fran had a teen daughter of her own that she actually began writing again.  Finding My Escape was her debut novel.  The sequel, Finding My Way Back will be released August 23, 2013 with the third and final book in the series coming out in early 2014.  She’s also working on a comedy geared more toward adults, Five Strikes, with fellow writer, Bryden Lloyd. 

Fran currently resides in the beautiful city of Murfreesboro, TN with her husband of twenty-seven years, fifteen year old daughter, and one extremely snarky cat.

An excerpt from FMWB:

Liz knew she needed to tell Hannah soon. She’d hoped she’d be able to confirm her belief about the island first. Charles argued that they needed to tell Hannah everything before they excavated. Just in case.

All right,” she finally agreed, closing the box and turning the tumblers to lock it. “We’ll talk to Hannah about it tomorrow.”

As she was turning the last of the tumblers, the doorbell rang, and Charles went to answer it.

Yes?” she heard her husband ask.

Hello, Charles,” a man’s voice spoke. “Where’s your wife?”

Liz felt her knees grow weak. The man’s voice was malicious. Cruel.

Her intuition told her what was happening. Somehow, the Others had learned what she’d found, and they’d sent someone to get the location.

She had to hide the box. She ran out to the garage, looking around frantically, her eyes falling on a spot that might work. She shoved the box inside, and then ran back in the house to help her husband. As her foot crossed the threshold of the kitchen, she heard a shot. She grabbed the door jamb and covered her mouth to stifle the sound of her scream. She heard a thud. Charles…

Footsteps headed toward the kitchen, and she looked wildly around the room for any kind of weapon. The man walked in, brandishing a knife before she could find one.

Hello, Liz. I believe you have something I want.”

Liz sank to the floor, her body wracked with sobs.

I’m so sorry, Hannah.

You can find Fran, and her books, here...

Twitter  @franveal

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