Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summer Shorts

I am very pleased to announce that I will be included in the upcoming short story collection, 
Summer Shorts: Airing Out Secrets.  
The collection is being released by Durham Editing, a great company that can help you with all your editing and publishing needs.

Here is a little taste of one of my stories titled "Angel".

The figure sauntered on the sidewalk next to the road farthest from my house. Her vision was fixed perfectly forward. She had a long, bright white, full head of hair that curled at the end and sat perfectly on her shoulders. Her dress was simple, dark blue, no detail to it. It was long and almost touched the ground, it looked like a denim material. Over top of the dress she wore a simple white sweater, as white as her hair. Her movement was precise, she stayed focused directly in front of her, she never turned her head and moved at an exact pace. I could not see her feet, but I could tell by the sound of the shuffling beneath her that she must be wearing sandals.

By the way, you are going to want to read the rest of this TRUE story!  Check back here for details in the coming weeks, the book is scheduled to be released on July 12th.

Stop by and see my friend Hannelore Moore's blog.  She is also included in this anthology!  Hannelore is a wonderful writer and she just won an award in the Iron Writer Challenge #17.  You can check out that story, too: on her blog.

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