Sunday, June 23, 2013

Launch Party! June 23rd

Hey, can ya help a fella out?  Ya see it's my kid's birthday and he would really like it if you bought my book on Smashwords.
How much is it you ask?  It is FREE this weekend!
Use code: SK88Y for your FREE copy!
That is the nice thing about getting something for free, usually it doesn't cost that much.
Just click on the picture and get your free copy of "Whispers, shouts, and songs" a poetry anthology with contributions from a dozen different authors including myself.  It is a great collection, it even received a 5 star review!  I am sure you will find something there that you will enjoy, maybe even something that you will cherish forever.
Come join us this Sunday, June 23rd at 5 pm for our launch party on Facebook!  Meet with some of the authors, chat, ask questions, and enter to win for free to win prizes, including printed copies of the book!

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