Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Toy Garden

Hello everyone,
Just wanted to give a quick update.  Currently I am working on a story called 'Toy Garden'.  It is about a little girl named Margaret.  Her Daddy laid out a garden for her in their backyard.  Unfortunately, Margaret is not very good at growing plants, so she decides to plant her old toys in the garden instead.
Margaret is nine years old, almost ten.  She is a sweet, intelligent, and decisive little girl.  But, like most girls her age she can be a bit temperamental, especially if she doesn't get her way.  She loves nursery rhymes, and you can often hear her singing a tune as she skips through her garden dropping flower petals on her broken toys.
I'm not sure if she does this as a gesture of goodwill, or if she thinks that doing it will bring the toys back to life.  Either way I am happy, as long as she is happy.
I am still working on the cover, but here is a preliminary photo.  I hope to have the story completed and out by the end of the month.

If you are looking for something of mine to read, right now, scroll down to the next post and you will find links for two bestsellers, that I am included in.  One is a collection of short stories, the other is poetry.  Both are wonderful books, which include myself and 11 other authors.
Thanks for stopping by!

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