Sunday, September 7, 2014

Utopia – Fox Reality Series

It seems like a good concept, develop a Utopian society, but from what I have seen of the premiere episode it is no different than any other reality show. I thought it would be a lot more interesting and intriguing. So far they may as well have put 15 children in a pen and let them fight for three days, because basically that is what we have been presented with so far. They haven't created anything but a lack of enthusiasm for anyone on the island. Oh wait.  Sorry, that is a different show.
If this first episode ended with the complex burning down and they all died, I would not shed a tear. I will watch again, but I really hope it gets a lot better. Again, it seems like a wonderful concept, but you need to put the right people in place to make a change. At this point it might as well be a show about the government. If I want that, I'll just watch the news.
I suppose the casting was well done, they are a bunch of mixed up misfits. Obviously we don't see everything, so part of the disinterest could be due to the editing. The host isn't very likable either. By the end of the show they all hugged. Is this the solution to everything that they need to accomplish? It seems like the only thing they will accomplish is another failed reality show.

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  1. Thus far the show has very few likable characters. Bella, a survivalist prepper, can't seem to go a day without crying. Yeah, she's the one I'd want to share a foxhole with. Red, "the hillbilly", wants to leave already, and I wish he would. He is one of the oldest members there, but is one of the biggest children. The Pastor claims that God sent him there to teach. I can see his discomfort with some of the goings-on, but isn't that why he feels he is there? If you were sent there to teach, then teach. Dave, an ex drug dealer and ex-con, is at least somewhat interesting, seems like he could snap at any moment.