Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Utopia - 9/9/14

“Over 200 years of American history in under two weeks.” Please, give me a break. Shave that stupid mustache and lose the hat, Charlie. I wish they would drop a crate of guns on the island and just let them all kill each other. This is awful. 1987 called, Corey Haim wants his hat back. This series just perpetuates how stupid society has become.
What I want to see is them doing something productive, to actually build a utopia. Fox has an opportunity to do something unique, but we are ending up with another crappy reality show. Why not just watch Big Brother? At least we expect the rhetoric there, and they have some competitions. Now what we are left with is a bunch of lunk heads that can't agree on anything. Pathetic.
I am starting to think the casting was designed just to cast over the top personalities that wouldn't get along. Why not introduce a few people with half a brain. The few that are there now are not being heard and nothing is going to be accomplished. If we want to build a real Utopia it is not going to be done on network TV.
One last thought, please put Bella's head on a spike and display it outside the gates to ward off others.
I don't know how much longer I can continue to watch this crap.


  1. I planned to watch the show tonight, but I only made it to the first commercial break before I had to shut it off. I am very disappointed in Utopia. I honestly thought it was going to be a ground breaking show, but this is really one of the worst shows I have ever seen on TV. Hopefully a tornado sweeps all of them off the earth and Fox puts an end to this horrid mess. 9/16/14

  2. I won't be watching this show anymore.