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National Poetry Month - April 2015

If you did not read my previous post, concerning National Poetry Month, please scroll down for more information.
For the last two weeks of April, I will post my poems, influenced by the Poem A Day (PAD) prompts on the NaPoWriMo website, here.
If you like to write poetry, check out their website. If you just want to read some poetry, I hope you find something here that you will enjoy.

Sure, write a haiku,
it is easy, you will see.
What rhymes with haiku?

WLM 4/15/15

Terzanelle - Woodpecker

Amidst the trees,
the woodpecker
searches for food

Pecking away
red haired thief,
the woodpecker

He sings out loud
food he has found,
red haired thief

Flying around
he searches again
food he has found

Pecking loudly
gazing at me
he searches again

The woodpecker
gazing at me
amidst the trees,
searches for food

WLM 4/16/15


Feeling lonely, depressed
Hydrating while waiting
chivalry is dead

hardest things in life
Aren't we all sad
That is all

WLM 4/17/15


The message came
she told me, you were dead
wasn't 'til six months later
I found it wasn't true

Maybe I had forgotten
or by that point, I didn't care
either way, I wasn't
filled with exuberance

Sometimes, I wonder
but you pushed me away
at every turn, and now
I walk the road, alone

WLM 4/18/15


Come over here, I have a secret to share
Well, maybe not, I do not know if I dare

Maybe just a little, that's all I can say
If I say too much, they'll take me away

I have heard the songs and the rhymes they have sung
They catch you talking, and they cut out your tongue

Never mind, go away, I've nothing to say
Maybe you can come see me, some other day

WLM 4/19/15

Pluto, no longer
a planet, and not to be
seen by naked eye

WLM 4/20/15


“Like I said I don’t practice religion much, but basically I try to live a good life, and be good to people, and to always try to do the right thing. I try to treat people the way I want to be treated.” I said to Cerridwen.
“Well, that is how I live my life too, that is how I look at things.”
“That is basically like the one rule of Paganism or Wiccanism isn’t it?”
“Yes, basically you do the right things and not cause harm to others.”
Hmmm, okay. So tell me more about your daughters.” I asked of her.
Well here, let me send you a picture of them.”
Cerridwen has two beautiful young daughters. Grace is the youngest, 10 years old. Chloe is 12. She showed me a picture of them. They look a lot like her. The picture was of the three of them sitting

WLM 4/21/15


Traveling, overseas
to a foreign country,
indulging in their cuisine

A recent trip to the green fields
of Ireland, a beautiful
country, picturesque

The beef there was
good, but different than here
Tho' no matter, after a few pints

A dimly lit pub,
local musicians playing
guitars and singing

Limerick, music, Guinness
I had the lamb stew,
a delicious new experience

WLM 4/22/15

3 of Clubs

Cards in, ante up.
Who's light?
Who's deal is it?
What's the game?

Fat Man, boys.
What's wild?
Deuces, Jacks,
Man with the axe.

Five'll get you $20,
Gotta be in it,
       to win it.

WLM 4/24/15 (Day 23)

Day 24 - see above post (Yeats - Down By the Salley Gardens)


This one's for Poe,
Edgar Allan, you know
Like him, I enjoy the dark
whether it be a raven or a lark

WLM 4/25/15


Digging their little
nails into me
Up and down
they run all day

Collecting nuts
they hide inside
When it rains
they sleep in

Little squirrel
I don't mind
being your home
just keep me clean

WLM 4/27/15 (Day 26)


of the
number 13, triskaidekaphobia

WLM 4/27/15

The Bridge

It's been over a year now,
we walked along
the beach, the mountains
Remember that red
covered bridge, the
one in Vermont

There was a sign on it,
what did it say
It was cold, but we
had a great time
like we always did
no matter where

Separated by distance,
but it never kept
us apart, just a
call, plane ride,
or a road trip

You crossed another bridge
and I know you
will watch
over me, thanks,
I need it

I will see you again,
my friend
keep the beers
cold and the
clouds warm and

WLM 4/28/15


Most of the prompts, from
NaPoWriMo have been good,
this one, not so much

WLM 4/30/15 (Day 29)


Patience, asked of me
chirping birds
late in the day,
shall it come?

No dandelion,
nor yellow sun,
simply unexpected,
show no sorrow

I walk away,
my last morn'
Cold, melting snow
the wait is over

Barren trees,
a flowerless lawn,
no spring for me
the years have passed

WLM 4/30/15

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