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National Poetry Month – April 2015

National Poetry Month – April 2015

April is National Poetry Month. People celebrate in many ways. One way I like to recognize this time of year, is by participating in a PAD (Poem a Day). There are no prizes, rewards, or accolades, well maybe some accolades, but really it is just the satisfaction and enjoyment received from writing, and perhaps reading, some poetry.
In this post I will add a new poem each day, inspired by the prompts from the NaPoWriMo blog site. I started a bit late, this year, but as of 4/15/15 I am caught up, and plan to stay on course for the rest of the month.
Who are your favorite poets? Do you write poetry yourself?
Thanks for taking the time to check out my writing and my blog.

'Tis not the same as years' past
this year's spring may never be
No flowers on the lawn,
no buds high in the trees

We waited so long,
for all the snow to melt
And yet it is still cold
every morning,
when I walk out the door

'Tis not sorrow,
simply missing the expected
no bright yellow
neither sun
nor dandelion

Aye, it shall come
though it may be late
a bird chirps
and asks me to be patient

WLM 4/14/15 (Day 1)

Orion's belt
always reminds me
of her

Could it be
the name
or the way they both
light up the sky

A kiss
so long ago
she's as far away
as the belt in the sky

Though we gaze
upon the same stars at night
it is not the same
without her here

WLM 4/14/15 (Day 2)


How about a fourteener, about the number 13?
Or should I write about that one time, that I made you scream

On Friday the 13th, people may run away and hide,
but come Saturday the 14th, all of their fears subside

With this form of poetry, I struggle to do my best
but this is not easy, it sure does put me to the test

I think I will wrap it up now, always go out ahead
Lest I keep on writing poems, until they find me dead

WLM 4/14/15 (Day 3)

I Love to Hate You

You sicken me
the filth on your face
tells me where you've been

Id' rather crush your head
than climb into bed
next to you

Don't wink at me
and try to be coy
I see right through your deceit

A decent person wouldn't do so
but I suppose that
is not your forte

I don't cry
I don't even care
To me, you mean nothing anymore

I dream of choking you, at night
while you sleep, then
maybe I'd be happy

Keep it up
play your charade
soon I will walk away for you

But maybe I'll stay to make your life
as miserable as you
have made mine

WLM 4/14/15 (Day 4)

Nature is what we see
by Emily Dickinson

"Nature" is what we see—
The Hill—the Afternoon—
Squirrel—Eclipse— the Bumble bee—
Nay—Nature is Heaven—
Nature is what we hear—
The Bobolink—the Sea—
Thunder—the Cricket—
Nay—Nature is Harmony—
Nature is what we know—
Yet have no art to say—
So impotent Our Wisdom is
To her Simplicity.


Nature, we all see
A hill, in the afternoon
A squirrel climbing a tree

An eclipse, a bumble bee
nature is to heaven
as rain is to thee

Nature heard all around
The Raven, or the sea
Thunder starts to pound

Cricket chirps in harmony
Is the nature that we know,
But will that always be

Art can capture day,
but with all our wisdom
still so far away
WLM 4/14/15 (Day 5)

Monday Morning Aubade

Monday morning aubade,
captured in so many ways
But often love trails away

Awake with no coffee
Struggling on through the traffic
onto the same old routine

The Monday blues arise
we think of those better days
awaiting for the weekend

Back once again, Monday
but it makes other days best
just love it for what it is

WLM 4/14/15 (Day 6)


I recently heard
an old story
about a woman
and a brooch

We may wonder what
its value is,
but what about
its worth

The brooch,
a gift,
given to her,
by her only son,

A simple brooch,
not expensive at all,
but all she had left,
he died in the war

WLM 4/14/15 (Day 7)


Mistakes made,
can't go back
you've moved on

We had our ups,
and of course
we had our downs

Though looking
back, upon it now
I should have known

WLM 4/14/15 (Day 8)


WLM 5/15/15 (Day 9)

Abecedarian Poem

A ball could drop,
even fall,
go home.

I jumped, knowing
love might never

Pretty quickly

Under violets,

was zazzy.

WLM 4/15/15 (Day 10)


Waiting for you, so long now, I ache writhing
Writing to thee, Mari, but you have gone off
I wait no more, I have been hit hard before
Mercy, mercy me

WLM 4/15/15 (Day 11)

Holiday Favorite

Oh, St. Paddy's Day
Where'd I be without you
wearing of the green
festive bounce in my step

14.9 ounces at a time
we celebrate your feat
Guinness raised in your honor,
not to mention corned beef

Bottle of Jameson Black
things got clearly fuzzy
I awake in the morning
lying next to you, dear

Happy St. Patrick's Day
when we are all o' wee bit Irish
celebrating with old friends
more memories to cherish

WLM 4/14/15 (Day 12)


What is your biggest fear?
Maybe you can guess mine.
Some may say it is a phobia,
but for them I've no time.

Locked away from society,
I live to see another day.
Maybe one day they'll find me,
once my time has finally slipped away.

WLM 4/13/15


You're a fuckin' bolunga.
Excuse me, I am a what?
A bolunga, you know.
No, I don't know.

What is a bolunga?
Well, just look at yourself,
plainly you can see.
No, I cannot.

You are disheveled
and distressed.
You are horrid,
such a mess.

It is hard to
look at you,
your face
makes me sick.

Everything you do
and all that you are,
annoys the shit
out of me.

You're lackadaisical
and an idiot.
You've no concern
for anyone, but yourself.

Go somewhere else,
Bolunga be gone.
Well, maybe I will
just get out of here.

That's nice, but
never know
when to leave.

Fuckin' bolunga.

WLM 4/15/15 (Day 14)

I will be posting the second half of the month poems in a separate post.  Thanks.

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