Sunday, August 31, 2014

Rockin' the Bronx

I just finished reading Rockin' the Bronx, written by Black 47's lead singer, Larry Kirwan.  If you enjoy Black 47's music, you will enjoy this tale of a young musician who has moved to the Bronx from Ireland in the '80's.  Larry paints such vivid pictures, with his writing, that you can almost feel the hard concrete sidewalks of the Bronx beneath your feet.
The book had a nice pace throughout, and as the book progressed, so did the tone.  I stopped reading for a few minutes, several pages before the end of the book, just so I could savor it a little bit longer.  I was hoping for a happy ending, but I got much more than that.  Now my thoughts are with the main character, Sean Kelly.  I wonder where he is and what he is up to now.
I look forward to reading more work from Larry Kirwan.
On a side note, Black 47 is in the midst of its final tour.  I can honestly say that they are my favorite band.  I have seen them perform live well over twenty times, and I plan to go see them again tonight.  They will be playing in Kingston, NY at the Hooley on the Hudson, at 7 pm.  You can get more information about the hooley on the Ulster County AOH page.  Admission is free!
For more information on Black 47, including music, CDs & books, and tour dates check out their website:

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