Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Motley Crue

In the late 80's I had the pleasure of seeing Motley Crue perform live a few times.  Seeing them again now was not the same, but I don't know if that is due to changes I have gone through in my life, or changes they have gone through, or maybe a bit of both.
I thought the song selection could have been better.  They played some songs that I did not recognize, and I used to know all their songs.  I think those songs were from their later albums.  However, they did play a lot of their good stuff; Live Wire, Wild Side, Girls, Girls, Girls, Smokin in the Boy's Room, etc.
Overall it may not have been the same, but it was still good to see them one last time.  They closed the show out strong playing some of their most popular tunes, and then returned to the stage for an encore with Home Sweet Home, which was very well done.
Alice Cooper opened up for them.  I had never seen him play live before and I am sorry I missed him on tour when I was younger.  He was entertaining and theatrical.
A very enjoyable evening.

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