Friday, April 19, 2013

Tonight I had the strangest dream...

Did you think I was going to say, "I sailed away to China, in a little row boat to find ya"?  Well, that was not my dream, but at least we are on the same page.
My dream started off in a dark bathroom, the only light I could see was coming in the window from a street light outside.  I was standing near the toilet and a black ooze dripped down from the ceiling and fell into the toilet and I flushed it away.  For whatever reason, maybe I didn't want to know what I was, I ignored it and went to bed.  When I woke up the bathroom was brightly lit by the sun.  I don't know why I couldn't have just turned a light on the night before, but maybe I was just too tired to deal with the ooze.  Though since this is not a regular occurrence around my house maybe I should have investigated it.  In the dream I remember thinking maybe it was a snake.  I am not that familiar with snakes, but I don't think they emit huge wads of ooze, or maybe they do.  I don't know.
Anyway, when I awoke I went back into the bathroom and looked in the toilet, there were remnants of the ooze, but most of it was gone.  I looked down at the floor and I could see something hanging there next to the copper pipe that fed the toilet.  It was long and black.  It looked like a charred hot dog, though it was much longer, about two feet long, and it was hanging from behind the toilet and went into a hole in the wall.  I had no idea what it was, but it looked awful.
I bent down on my knees to get a closer look.  Suddenly, a big, fat, orange and white cat jumped out at me.  At first I was a bit relieved that it was only a cat, but I was still slightly confused by the slimy charred rope hanging nearby.  The cat started to hiss at me and tried to bite me.  I had my cat in my arms, she was a soft gray cat, much smaller than the other one.  How did that cat get in here, I wondered?
My first priority was to get my cat to safety, then I could try to get rid of this strange cat.  It would not let me near it, so I slowly backed away, with my cat still in my arms, and I left the bathroom.  Normally I wouldn't put my cat down in the basement, but it seemed like the safest place for her right now.
In the dream the basement was in an old house of mine, and my cat, was a cat I used to have, her name was Poppy.  However, the bathroom was my current bathroom, and later in the dream I am in a kitchen, a kitchen I had never seen before.  I had also never seen the other cat that was in the dream.
So, back to the basement.  I opened the door and Poppy said to me, "please don't let that other cat get me."  Now, my cat did not actually speak, but clearly I heard her.  I assured her I wouldn't, I shut the door, and proceeded back to the bathroom.
The other cat was still in there, as I tried to get closer to her she would swat at me, hiss, and try to bite me.  Then I heard faint meows coming from inside the wall.  I finally managed to grab the cat and it was not easy to hold onto her, she was squirming all about and trying to claw me.  I could not free my hands enough to open the door, if I had she surely would have jumped down and ran away.  I wanted to get her out of the house.
I walked into the living room where the tv was on and there was a video game on that I must have been playing.  I am not sure when I was playing this video game, was it before the ooze?  If so, why didn't I shut it off before I went to bed?  Either way, it was on and I sat down on what must have been some sort of game chair that was connected to the game.  It looked like a very simple driving game, nothing like the driving games that are out today.  This looked like an old fashioned video game with very simple graphics and very little surrounding scenery.
So, I sat down.  Apparently the object of the game was to drive and not get hit by other cars.  As soon as I sat down, with the cat still in my arms, I was hit from behind by another car.  The chair jolted forward and shook.  This seemed to frighten the cat.  I let another car hit us, same effect, the chair moved and the cat was scared.  I figured if I could leave the cat here it would be distracted long enough for me to get the door open and then I could get her outside.  Of course in this dream I am obviously brilliant because before I could not put the cat down because she would just run away, but now I had devised a plan where the cat would play video games and be distracted allowing me time to leave and go open the door.  This works with kids too, right?
Apparently, this is a great way to distract a cat.  Who knew that cats like video games?  So the cat sat there in the chair, but sitting like a person, and she was fixated on the game.  Cars kept slamming into her from behind and the chair would thrust forward and shake violently.  I was free to go open the door.  At some point I had also dressed the cat in a small, red, silk Victorian dress with black lace around the collar, and an old dusty, worn out, brown hat with a red ribbon bow.  The dress was proportional to her size.  I don't know when she got the dress or where it came from, but there she was an orange and white cat, sitting like a person, wearing a dress, and playing video games.  Seriously though, if you are a cat and you are going to be playing video games, don't you want to be well dressed?
While the cat was distracted by the video game I managed to sneak into the kitchen and open the door.  I then ran back into the living room, grabbed the cat, and made a beeline to the front door.  I quickly tossed her outside and shut the door.  I then went back over to the basement door so that I could let my cat back into the house.  My cat came in, walking on her hind legs and wearing a green grass skirt and a small light brown top made of a canvas material.  Poppy thanked me for getting rid of the other cat.
Well, that was the end of the dream.  The only other thing that could have been missing was if Porky Pig came out at the end and said, "That's all folks!"
I have no idea what that dream meant, but please feel free to comment.  What was the last weird dream that you had about?
Enjoy your Friday, the weekend is almost here! :)

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