Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Book/ Movie

Many great books have been translated into film.  One of my favorite books, that was made into a movie, was 'Lord of the Flies', by William Golding.  I read this as a child in school.  After we had finished reading the book, and turned in our book reports, we watched the movie.  Of course it was the 1963 adaptation that we watched since 1990 was still more than 10 years away.
What is one of your favorite books that has been transformed into a movie?
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PS. I wonder when my book, 'Cerridwen Moon', will be turned into a movie?


  1. This says there aren't any comments, but some of my favorite books turned into movies have been "No Country For Old Men," "The Town," "Gone, Baby, Gone," and "Lord of the Rings," of course.


    The blog looks great! I'll check back often!

  2. Thanks Ethan! The winner of the free dvd rental will be chosen at random. Ok, the results are in! You have been randomly selected as this weeks winner! Looks like the odds were very much in your favor!
    Congrats and thanks again!