Thursday, April 21, 2016

PAD 2016 part 2

Day 15
There used to be a
commercial; Doublemint gum.
Where are those twins now?

Day 16 – NYC
We saw Washington Square Park,
we saw the Statue hold her torch high.
We saw where the mighty once stood,
now a fountain where you can say goodbye.

We saw churches, and restaurants,
little shops along our way.
We saw the 2nd Ave. subway.
Will it be completed some day?

As we crossed through the city
one thing still remained,
the notion that a place so great,
can never stay the same.

Day 17
Our language is constantly changing,
some think for the worse,
Some say it's worser,
seems all they do today is curse.

People type in acronyms,
too busy to completely speak.
No use of punctuation,
the whole situation seems rather bleak.

As with everything else, it continues
on course to change and evolve.
Some would say they're all stupid,
a worthless bunch of Solves.

Day 18 
Fresh kicks, 
where'd you get 'em?

My Mom
bought 'em for me
at the mall

Check these out,
new Sweet Orrs

Oh man,
those are bad,
I gotta get some

You hangin'
at the Pit tonight?

Yeah, probably.
Grab a few beers
and chill by the fire.

Maybe I'll hit it.

Cool, man.
We'll be there,
just chillin'.

Day 19 - didactic

Extend your club
to meet the ball.
Bend at the knees.
Keep your back straight.
Right hand over left.
Interlock your thumb.
Left foot forward.
Slightly bend some more.
Keep your arms straight.
Don't take your eye off the ball.
Chin up, knees bent, back straight.
Move the club back.
One solid motion.
Eye on the ball.
Swing down and connect.
Follow through.
Keep your eye on it.

I missed it.

You weren't listening.
You have to bend your knees more,
and keep your eye on the ball.
Don't lift your head.
And follow through.
Try it again.

Strike two.

Knees bent.
Eyes on the ball.
You don't have to hit it hard.
Just connect with it.

Strike three. Am I out?

You know what?
Just do whatever feels comfortable.

Okay. I think I'll have a beer and watch you.

Day 20 – Kenning

Slow runners
or fast walkers?
Seems like they can't decide.

Trying to stay in shape,
they say.
It's good exercise.

I just sit
on the porch,
and watch them muddle by.

Hmm, joggers...
all I can do is sigh.

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