Sunday, April 3, 2016

National Poetry Month - April 2016

I hadn't realized, but I have not made a blog post since last year. So, what better way to start the year than with a month of poetry? Each day I will post a new poem, written from the prompts found on the NaPoWriMo website.

Day 1 – Lune

Live in New York State?
New York City:
a great place to vacation.

They may be worlds apart,
but they are
conveniently located to one another.

Day 2 – Family Portrait

We lost all of our pictures,
in the basement flood,
but we still have each other.

Day 3 – Fan Letter

No offense meant to
Meryl, she won't be here
forever, sadly.

She's entertained us
for decades, with memories
that we will cherish.

one will rise to fill her shoes;
Kathleen Littlefield.

Day 4 – Cruel Month

April, you mock me
are the spring flowers?
What is this?
White blanket covering the ground.
I wait, eagerly.
For the warm rays
of the sun,
but they evade me.
Snow after Easter.
Is this just a cruel
April fools joke?
Good thing we found
all of the eggs.
Or did we?

Day 5 -
The sun, moon, and stars;
while friends dance, she lights my way,
one warms the next day

Day 6 – NY Pizza

You are the best,
and share good company.
From a bacon, egg, and cheese,
to a hard roll from Rockland bakery.

A dirty water dog,
a pretzel from a cart
black & white cookies
hold a special place in my heart.

Pizza Village in Hopewell,
Chopstick in Catskill,
Yankee Stadium vendor carts,
this week I've had my fill.

Day 7 - Tritina

Darkness, always
looming in the shadows,
choking life

Life, fleeting,
while darkness grows,
hiding in the shadows

Shadows, lurking
life full of choices,
darkness every evening

Shadows, surrounding life making it difficult to see through the darkness.

Day 8 -
of the cactus family,
not native to my home.
You thrust bright colors,
from the center of your dome.

Day 9 -

My child?
I do not know
the truth.

Your teeth, that smile.
You look a lot like my sister,
especially when you were younger.

You studied chemistry,
at DCC, but now
you work at HPN.

I have to go there tomorrow.

Day 10 - Library
Green Suede Shoes,
caught in Charolette's Web.
Send Bygraves to Abel's Island,
the Lord of the Flies
knows where It is.

Day 11 -
She stood there,
on the baseball field
a petite child

Seemingly ready,
but never moving
one muscle

A white hood
covered her face,
no profile

Black jeans
and a denim jacket
a soft leather mitt

Alone on the field,
only the wind
accompanied her

I stood there,
starring at her
She turned,

her dark eyes
cut right through me,
and then I was gone

Day 12 -

The nightstand shifted,
starting a fire.
Only a skeleton crew
four past midnight.

The different seasons
passed. Nightmares,
and misery filled
the dark half
of the black house. 

Day 13 - 
In the darkness
you will feel
no more pain,
the screams
coming from inside
your tomb, 
will not be yours

Day 14 – Lies

Tell no more lies,
don't wither
nor wander
just close your eyes.
Come hither,
come closer
over yonder, 
as your supposed to.


  1. Lovely to see you back Wayne. I'm not writing much at the moment- too much going on in "life" to make enough space. But I'll be back in a while

    1. Thanks, Marian, good to hear from you. Hope all is well.

    2. Have lost both my parents within just weeks of each other - getting to grips with that. My sisters and I started looking after mum this time last year - she was diagnosed with colon cancer. We ended up giving round the clock care from about September and she lasted with lots of care until 7th Feb. Dad was heartbroken when mum died but he was a very fit and healthy 83 year old who looked after himself even cutting his own lawn. He had made lots of plans with us and the many grandchildren and great grandchildren so it was a shock when he was found dead on 29th March. His funeral was 18th April, but we are all still reeling from the shockwaves. Hope all is well with you. I want to write but find it so difficult just now. x

    3. I'm sorry to hear that, Marian. You may find that writing is a good release. It may help to think about everything and keep a journal of your thoughts. It's not something you have to share with anyone, just a personal way to help you remember and heal.